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Let's compare which tests each doctor ask?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Folk, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Folk

    Folk Senior Member

    There have been a lot of threads recently about which doctor does what.

    I've been thinking about a way to get together the main Doctors people have been seeing here and the tests they normally ask for so people can decide which fits best their interests.

    For that, patients could paste here what tests they've done with their doctor.

    What you think?
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  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    The problem could be that each specialist recommends different tests for different patients according to their history, symptoms and previous test results.

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  3. oceiv

    oceiv Senior Member

    @Folk I'd be interested in this info too. Even if a doctor prescribes different tests for different people, it would be informative to see the variations. I'm especially interested in the different immune tests out there. Does any U.S. doctor test cytokines, NK cells or B cells?
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  4. Folk

    Folk Senior Member

    Yes I thought about that but even though... They still have some specificities.

    If I'm not wrong, Dr. Chia does stomach biopsies, and not much doctors test so extensively for Lyme like Dr. De Meirleir, and I was interested in seeing a EBV pannel with 5 differenet types in Dr. Kauffman that I havn't seen before and Dr. Cheney if I'm not wrong doesn't even do blood tests, just focus on the heart. (some info might be wrong, but you get the idea :) )

    I'm not sure about B cells but I think most doctors test for Cytokines and NK cells.
    Dr. Enlander requested me those 2 tests (not B cells). But in Brazil we don't have cytokines testing.
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  5. Valentijn

    Valentijn Senior Member

    Your primary occupation lately has been questioning and criticizing the tests of at least one well-known specialist. While I don't have a problem with that per se, I'm concerned that this thread is a disingenuous attempt to elicit more material for you to use against him.

    So thanks, but no thanks.
  6. Folk

    Folk Senior Member

    No Valentjin, I don't know how you got this idea but my primary occupation lately has been trying to figure it out a good doctor that will be worth spending all my money and that will give me a decent treatment.

    But then again you have all your rights to not contribute if you don't want to.
    Your thread has already been a great help anyway.
    Let's just not turn this into a discussion ok?
    Feel free to PM me if you feel like you have anything else to add.

    Hope you're feeling well.
  7. Folk

    Folk Senior Member


    Full physical exam, including (was not requested in my skype appt):

    ○ Echocardiogram and carotid ○ SonogramEKG ○ Urinalysis

    ○ ICG ○ Spirometry

    Blood testing (the most importants are Cytokines and HHV6):

    Storage special ○ Candida AB ○ Herpesvirus 6 (IGG, IGM)

    ○ Epstein-Barr Virus AB PNL ○ Babesia Microti (IGG, IGM) ○ Lymphocyte subset Panel 2

    ○ CMV AB (IGM) ○ CMV AB (IGG) ○ Methylmalonic/homocystein

    ○ TSH, 3rd Generation ○ T3 Uptake ○ T4, Free

    ○ M. Pneumoniae (IGG, M), EIA ○ C. Pneumoniae (IGG, A, M) ○ CBC (Includes Diff/PLT)

    ○ Complete Metabolic Panel w/EGFR ○ Hepatic Function Panel ○ Natural Killer Cell Function

    ○ Coxsackie B (1-6) AB ○ Vap (TM) Cholesterol test ○ Lupus profile

    ○ Prostatic tumor profile (Males only) ○ E. Chaffenensis AB (IGG, M) ○ Carnitine, FRAC, SER

    ○ CA 125 (Females only) ○ CEA ○ Gliadin AB (IGG, IGA)

    ○ Resp Allergy Prof Reg I ○ Food Allergy Profile ○ HSV ½(IGG), HSV(IGM) w/RF

    ○ Lyme Disease, DNA, PCR, BLD ○ Parvovirus B19 AB (IGG, M) ○ Rheumatoid Arthritis Diag

    ○ Thyroid AB (ATA, TPO) ○ Vitamin B12, Serum ○Vitamin D, 25-OH, LC/MS/MS

    ○ HIV AB, HIV ½, EIA, w/RFLNY (if patient desires) ○ CRP –Creactive Protein

    ○ IL2 and IL6 (Inter Lukin)

    *Note: he didn't acutally requested all those tests for me, but that's the list they sent me when I asked for what tests the doctors had requested. He requested me only IGG for viruses, Cytokines, NK cells, and CD4 cells.
    Also some of them I already brought to the appt.
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