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Is anyone taking over from Dr Cheney and using Bison extracts?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by keenly, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. keenly

    keenly Senior Member

    Dr Cheney is now retired.
    This page details his protocols extremely well

    Dr Yasko uses organ extracts to support liver, kidneys etc, but many can no tolerate them, and obviously trans dermal is a better method for absorption.

    Cheney uses cell-signaling factors (CSFs) similar to those used in “live cell” therapy that’s been practiced in Europe for many years. Cheney explained how he felt that CSFs worked in CFS and he demonstrated this with a study that he has done. This study was performed to investigate functional, not symptom, improvement. It was in two parts and the second part, using CSFs, showed a significant uptick in patient functionality. Improvement occurred within ninety days. 75% of the patients functionally improved and their oxygen toxicity improved. Non-responders with oxygen toxicity did not improve. Improvement in responders was sustained.

    He ran through a set of permutations of the various CSFs, measuring for energy responsiveness on his “Echo terrain maps”. He finds that the adrenal, thymus, and liver CSFs create the most “backflash”, i.e., loss of energy, and that the pancreas, brain, and heart CSFs bring the most energetic response.

    Dr. Cheney favors bison heart cell signaling factors in ME/CFS

    He has created “Echo terrain maps” to determine energy response to the use of these agents. He sees the same thing without exception. A hundred percent of his patients display oxygen toxicity. A hundred percent of his patients’ energy response drops with adrenal and thymus CSFs. All his patients’ energy response goes up on heart (most responsive) and brain and bison liver CSF. These CSFs contain small peptides that interact with the organ systems via the G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR).

    He recommends two types of CSFs: catabolic – energy producing (i.e., Bison Heart) – and anabolic to promote healing by mimicking conditions in the womb. These are made from porcine fetus and contain stem cells. He calls them Mesenchymal Trophic Factors (MTFs). Supposedly, the MTF can cause severe sedation and needs to be applied in very small amounts away from the heart.

    1. Catabolic CSF – 1 to 2 drops in the AM
    2. Anabolic MTF – 1 to 2 drops on the foot at sundown. If unable to tolerate decrease to 2x a week and slowly work up to daily
    So the question is: who is carrying on this work?

    I have Bison liver supplements. These can be bought, theoretically anyone with the ability could make the same drops, cream that Dr Cheney used.

    I can not tolerate any organ extracts orally, I would love to use them as transdermal creams.drops. I am eager for somebody else to carry on this work.
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