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Insaitable Hunger since starting methylation

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by jengonwin, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. jengonwin



    I have CFS and started fredds protocal a month or so ago. I had a normal appetite, maybe even too low.

    Within a week i developed an extreme appetite that is becoming quite debilitating as its hard to sleep or relax.

    I can eat 2 pounds of meat in one sitting and feel literally nothing. A huge bowl of oats with 2tbsp butter doesn't make a dent in my appetite.

    To manage it i have been having one meal a day with 2000-3000 calories. This does not even take the hunger away, just lowers it enough to relax.

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea of the cause? it was not like this prior to methylation vitamins.

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  2. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    I've struggled some with it as well.

    BUT... when I first got it I was also dealing with gall bladder attacks (which got dismissed and went undiagnosed for a really long time)... so a big meal would make me ill. But, I was starving ALL THE TIME.


    What worked for me was eating smaller than average meals (though you might be well enough to manage normal sized meals) and/or a nutrition or fruit/veggie smoothie - so that I was eating every two hours.

    8:00 am - Morning breakfast
    10:00 am - nutrition shake
    12:00 pm - lunch
    2:00 pm - fruit/veggie smoothie
    4:00 pm - second lunch
    6:00 pm - supper
    8:00 pm - nutrition shake
    10:00 pm - snack/second supper

    Seemed like it helped a bit. I've got no idea what was causing it, but by putting in fuel every two hours it seemed to make it easier to sleep at night and after a few days at this schedule I wasn't getting as hungry ten minutes after eating like I used to. Kind of like training the body to expect food regularly meant it wasn't in panic-feed-me mode.

    I was curious and thinking there might be a relationship to the fact that if methylation genetics caused my body to be missing a ton of nutrition my whole life, that it was used to that. BUT once my methylation cycle was roaring back to life, maybe my body decided it needed to play catch up and sending hunger signals so that you would feed nutrition into the methylation process which is working better?

    Definitely more conjecture that proof, but it gave me a good feeling to think that it was possible it was a sign of my body trying to heal... and I figured that was enough for me.
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  3. Oberon

    Oberon Senior Member

    Are you taking Carnitine? Carnitine makes me significantly more hungry. If you are try scaling back your dose and see if it helps.
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  4. Paralee

    Paralee Senior Member

    Sure sounds like a methylation/hystimine issue......but I can't hardly eat at all and I can't find anything to make me hungry. Sorry.
  5. dannybex

    dannybex Senior Member

    I've been doing methylation off and on (mostly on) for four years now, and my appetite is still non-existent. I'd kill to have hunger pangs...stomach hasn't growled in probably 15 years.
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  6. Grimace92


    I'm having this insatiable hunger issue now as well. I've been doing Mb12 and Mfolate for about 6 months and my appetite didn't change much. But since adding AdenoB12 and LCF, my hunger is ridiculous. I can eat a huge meal, and still be sitting there hungry. I wake up 3 times per night, needing additional food to get back to sleep.

    I'm assuming this is a "start up" effect for Adb12 and LCF, and it will subside over time? How long does this crazy hunger take to pass, for anyone who has had it? It's very uncomfortable, and I'm only on 100mcg ADB12 and 75mg LCF currently. As a side note, my energy and sleep have improved (when I'm able to calm the hunger and actually sleep).

    I'd say I'm eating at least 8 meals per day currently, as Penny indicates above. I guess I will stay the course and try to ride this out.
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  7. Esther12

    Esther12 Senior Member

    Is there any good evidence for any of this methylation stuff? A lot of it sounds dodgy to me. I'd be really cautious about doing things that could cause further problems.

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