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Mark Berry reports on Dr. Gibson's introduction and Dr. Whittemore's keynote speech, at the 11th Invest in ME International ME Conference in London.
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Inflammation and depression

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Marco, May 12, 2015.

  1. Marco

    Marco Grrrrrrr!

    Near Cognac, France
    This is a nice easy read covering a number of issues we discuss here :
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  2. Bob


    England (south coast)
    Coincidentally, I came across this yesterday...

    Is depression a kind of allergic reaction?
    A growing number of scientists are suggesting that depression is a result of inflammation caused by the body’s immune system


    Anti-inflammatory drugs ‘could fight depression’
    Scientists to launch £5m study that explores links between immune disorders and mental illness – and could lead to new treatments
  3. natasa778

    natasa778 Senior Member

    This is also very interesting, just out

  4. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    Say what? o_O I wouldn't be surprised if inflammation is related to depression, nor do I consider it unlikely that probiotics might reduce inflammation and thereby reduce depression risk. It's possible. But probiotics changing people's thoughts? Seriously? Are all the little newly happy gut microbes whispering their happy little thoughts into our ears? Oooooh! Mind control by probiotic. :rolleyes:

    I think somebody is conflating so-called depression resulting from poor self-talk with so-called depression from abnormal neurochemistry. Poor self-talk requires psychotherapy to correct and I doubt gut microbes, no matter how happy with their new diet, make good psychotherapists. Disturbed neurochemistry is an organic issue that requires some kind of physical, not talk-based, therapy. Happy gut microbes might help there. That could eliminate a sad mood, but in that case the sad mood is physically-based, not negative-thinking-based.

    Yes, yes, I know mind and body are linked. I'm not saying they're not. I am saying that we can't think ourselves well and we don't change our thoughts by taking probiotics. Mood maybe, and feelings, but not thoughts directly.
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