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I'm done with Klaire Labs - Can anyone recommend a good multi?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by saint, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. saint

    saint Senior Member

    I was taking Klaire Labs multi - but the TRUE test of whether a company is ethical is when you attempt to get a refund. I purchased their Reduced Glutathione (expensive I might add) and then learned through research that it is not absorbed in the body.

    I emailed Klaire and asked them for a refund and they refused! They don't stand behind their products. I may as well go fill empty capsules with baking soda and market them at a high price, and make money off of the unsuspecting public too! (I couldn't do it though; my conscience would haunt me).

    I also attempted to get a refund from another product purported to help 'fibromyalgia' - Alpha ENF - very expensive, made by a Canadian company. They were nasty in their response. Nice before they get your money - not nice after they get it.

    Folic acid is in Metagenics Ultra Clear (very expensive too). I emailed them twice, and they never even responded.

    I told them that folic acid in their supplement was linked to cancer and I was afraid to take it after I learned that bit of information. Folate is what is safe from what I've learned so far.

    I like doing business with companies that are ethical. I'm looking for a good multivitamin that has folate (not folic acid - per Freddds recommendations) and that has methylcobalamin/ dibenzocide. Also I read that choline and inositol are necessary for some processes in the body - myelin sheath and cells. I've noticed not all multi's have it.

    Has anyone here found a good quality multivitamin, that is made by an ethical company that stands behind their product?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    Imho, you should research the products better before purchasing any. Supplement companies always use lots of marketing hype so if you fall for that then it's on you.
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  3. saint

    saint Senior Member

    You're right - I learned that - the hard way. Supplement companies do use marketing hype - and to people desperately trying to regain their health, it's inexcusable and cruel.

    I know that you say 'it's on you' - but I think differently. If information is brought to light about certain supplements not being absorbed, then the company should stand behind their product - or the FDA should get involved. Supplement companies are making a mint off of desperate people. This is nothing short of robbery. When my grandmother died, my mother had her cremated. In her grief, she forgot that she was wearing an expensive diamond wedding ring. And guess what? She was cremated, and no ring was ever returned. The funeral director's wife is probably wearing it, or he sold it for $$. What happened to this country? You can't trust anybody anymore. That is unethical business practice - as much as supplement companies marketing useless products.

    I will be more careful now, before I spend money on supplements - and do the research first. But when you're hurting, you're looking for a life-boat.

    There is so much information to process while researching how to cure yourself that it's next to impossible to try to sort out the lies from the truth.

    I dealt with Reviva Labs - they are very ethical, and took a return.

    There should be a section on here about which supplement companies people have had good success with, so that sick people don't waste their money (of which we sometimes have little). Can anyone here create something like this?

    Can I ask you what multi you take?

    If anyone has found a good multi from a reputable company, I would sincerely appreciate a recommendation

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