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IGeneX Lyme Results - .. Maybe Positive?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by AlmostEasy, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. AlmostEasy


    If anyone has has seen an LLMD could chime in or has experience with interpreting lyme results, I would greatly appreciate an opinion. To me, it looks just BARELY positive, but positive it seems.

    The IFA is clearly negative, but...

    "If two or more of the double starred bands.." **34 kDa (+), **23-25 kDa (++), **41 kDa (IND)

    This one is definitely foggy, makes me think some viral antibodies are causing the 31/41. But the 34 on the previous one and 23-25, I don't know.


    So my IgG looks probably negative, IgM looks possibly positive, and IFA is clearly negative.

    Thoughts on any of this? I have purely neuro symptoms, with some mild physical muscle tension and coordination impairments with fine motor skills. My ability to smoothly play guitar went right out the window, that natural flow is gone. Very rigid and forced and awkward now. My cognitive symptoms are fairly heavy though. Never have night sweats or achy joints. Mild physical fatigue. I can't make it through workouts like I used to but I still can get them in weekly.

    I should also point out that I do test positive for prior EBV infection, but nothing currently. I know that can create the issues on the IgG

    I've also taken high doses of Flagyl for about 7 days to test something (thought it was an oversea's product, same for the doxy) took doxycycline 200 mg / day for a few days to try and fish for a herx reaction before getting this test. Have taken Olive Leaf Extract without any reaction / improvement. I took some of the stuff for the cowden protocol (the actual products) and Samento one day while I was titrating gave me like a fairly severe 10 minute stomach "herx" perhaps, and never felt anything again after that. I took it up to 30 drops until the bottle ran out. Pinella and Banderol just gave me brain fog / bad feelings (herx?). So I'm not sure what that means but I figured it's relevant.
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  2. jjxx

    jjxx Senior Member

    Mine is not conclusive either. However, I do carry genes susceptible to mold and Lyme. If my chronic condition is triggered by such sudden illness, I would be more keen to explore it as top priority. CFS is such a complex condition that one has to pick up her/his battle one at a time. I was curious after reading your comment of regretting being stuck in methylation tunnel instead of focusing on fighting infections. CFS patients may have various underlining causes, but all share one detriment: compromised immune system. Nutritional deficiencies lead to immune deficiency, which results in all sorts of infection in our system. Nutrition is fundation. I am a new member but already started on Freddd's B12 protocol about two weeks ago, I am feeling some relief, which I am hoping it's not something premature or shortlived.

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