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Hyperlactemia and antiretrovirals drugs

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by pattismith, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    Although we struggle to find a few scientific papers about CFS and associated hyperlactatemia, there are tons of papers about chronic hyperlactactemia induced by antiretrovirals drugs for AIDS patients.

    This one caught my attention:


    Design. – To match two groups of patients taking NRTI for at least 24 months: 15 without and 15 with antioxidant supplementation (vitamin E, β-carotene, N-acetylcysteine, selenium, Gingko biloba extracts and nutritional supplements). For both the groups, the supplementation by antioxidants or its lack was carefully assessed. Venous lactatemia, blood oxidative stress markers (plasma lipid peroxidation, enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants), CDC revisited classification, CD4 count and viral load, NRTI (with or without stavudine) and other antiretroviral drugs used, lipoatrophy, central fat accumulation were assessed.

    Results. – Patients were not statistically different with respect to the CDC classification, CD4 count, viral load and characteristics of antiretroviral therapy. Blood oxidative stress markers, i.e. vitamin E, vitamin A and β-carotene tended to be higher in the supplemented group. The difference observed in venous lactate concentration between the two groups was significant (1.37 ± 0.10 vs. 1.82 ± 0.19 mmol/l in the supplemented and non-supplemented groups, respectively P = 0.04).

    Conclusion. – Antioxidant supplementation improves the asymptomatic stable chronic hyperlactatemia observed in HIV-infected patients taking HAART including NRTI for a long time. Controlled studies are needed to demonstrate the efficacy of this supplementation on mitochondrial toxicity observed during HAART and the possible usefulness of its combination with mitochondrial cofactors like carnitine, riboflavine, coenzyme Q, α-lipoic acid.
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