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How to Turn Down the Fight/Flight Response?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Cort, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Phil


    Altadena, CA
    More praise for biocircuits

    "Another therapy that works well for me is something called biocircuits."
    Hey Wayne
    Long time since I heard anyone mention biocircuits. One clear benefit was they helped me to be able to nap and go to sleep more easily at night. May seem minor but biofeedback and Open Focus first made it even possible for me to nap. Then biocircuits helped things further along.

    The biofeedback and Open Focus helped me immeasurably in learning to relax and be more comfortable in my body. By the time I tried biocircuits it was just easier to measure results in ability to go to sleep for a nap. A year of biofeedback and years of Open Focus got me from 0 sleep during "naps" to maybe going to sleep 50-60% of the time. Biocircuits in a year or two of nearly daily use got me to about 80%. And I'm a guy who has never once in his life fallen asleep watching tv.

    Though at times I think biocircuits seem like a crazy idea it worked for me. Eeman the "inventor" has several books. He describes hooking groups of people up together - mostly healthy people and one ill and the healthy people help the ill one, fascinating. The Pattons book is a very good more modern overview. I would do body sensing things while lying there on the biocircuits or my mind would just drift. Both good things to do anyway.

    If you get these don't get the set without the extra copper screens for your feet. Here's a source:
    And this is the "model" that has all the needed components: Lindermann Symmetrical circuit
    $99. It is also possible to make these and I have seen instructions somewhere for doing so.
  2. doveman


    I bought some GABA a while back, but then read that it's unable to cross the blood-brain barrier so decided it was a waste of money. Maybe it can do something without needing to cross the barrier, and obviously if people find it helps that's what's important.

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