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How much back to school will ticket to work allow?

Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by LJBluesky, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. LJBluesky


    I have CFS and am on disability. I would like to get back to work, but could only handle part time at most. I have a college chemistry degree, but need a degree where I could get part time. So I was thinking of health care, a 2 year degree in physical therapy assistant. Does anyone know how long ticket to work would let me go back to school? (this could take three years counting the prerequisites and I am 50). I guess the other thing I was wondering is even if I have a PT degree, would anyone hire me since I've been on disability?Thanks!
  2. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    This is what I got out of skimming the Ticket to Work website - there is a Vocational Rehab service and an Employment Network service. The VR would help with schooling and the EN with job placement. The VR would help you until your case is closed, whatever that means.

    The ENs specialize in matching people who have been on disability with jobs, so it seems like there would have to be a job for you somewhere. The question is, are the companies they're hooked up with looking for PT assistants? That would be good to find out before diving into years of school.

    Of course, there's no rule that says that you can't find a job outside of these services. You would have to come up with what to say regarding your employment gap. Maybe that's part of your job placement training.

    For your specific questions, I suggest calling the Ticket to Work program -
    The number is about halfway down the page in the left hand column.
  3. SickOfSickness

    SickOfSickness Senior Member


    Someone with no degree could do 4 years of college through TTW. I think they would allow the additional training you want.

    I suggest you search for part-time PTA jobs near you. I would get an idea of how many part-timers are needed. Would they give you enough hours or are they only wanting someone for less. For example they want 8 hours in 1 day per week, when you want 4 hours three days per week?

    Have you made up your mind about PTA? It seems like a very demanding job physically. Maybe there is something else you could try which has more job openings.

    Whether someone with a disability can get hired would depend on what kinds of disability and what they can still do. I worry that ME/CFS is very misunderstood. Other disabilities seem easier for an employer to accomodate.
  4. Vincent

    Vincent Senior Member

    Baltimore, Maryland USA
    You could use TTW but there is no point. They wont pay for your school, and all the information they can offer you is freely available on the internet. The only thing TTW will do is exempt you from all CDR as long as you make 'timely progress' on your TTW plan.

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