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Homeopathic Arnica

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by golden, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. golden

    golden Senior Member

    So, I promised to keep you informed how my spontaneous treatment protocol is going .... a bit of this, a bit of that ...:)

    I did the Asyra - very good...

    but I have heard nothing back from my application to Melisa to get my blood tested for metal sensitivity, to determine if i should remove my amalgam filling...

    i am bored waiting for my Homeopathy appointment to come through...

    i thought i would research Homeopathy and brain the mean time..

    Arnica came up.... it was a strong remedy ....and i too scared of them...

    but i thought i would try Arnica 30 ...

    For me, i noticed considerable energy improvement, repair and muscle strength.
    Plus a sense of well being and calm.

    I am taking it every day now as my body still wants it.

    I have researched it further now and its really quite interesting.

    In the past I have only ever used it to treat my animals before and after surgery. Plus a friend who is a drummer splits his hands and the cuts take ages to heal. It has been this way for years. He took arnica and
    there were only minor cuts which healed super fast.

    I now see Arnica can also be utilised boost other treatments....

    This is of course a time of year which can be better for a lot of people and symptoms can diminish...

    but i feel much, much better.

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  2. Seewell

    Seewell Senior Member

    Hi golden.That sounds interesting.Will look up Arnica.I have used it on a :cat: in the past.
    But cant remember much about it now..

    Also found interesting that your Asyra treatment brought up Brain diseases?
    I have long thought from listening to my body throughout this illness,that there is some sort
    of attack on my brain going on(virus attack).
    Hope the up turn, keeps up.
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  3. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Thanks Seewell :)

    Once you get past the articles on Arnica for bruising , onto the more obscure uses , it really starts to make sense.

    Even though I am more of a classical approach, i was thinking i may take arnica every day forever...

    I was wondering if you can even do this ....i only ever use Homeopathy until a response is seen and then stop. But i have now found some people doing this. I dont know yet though, will see how i go.

    I dont want to be enthusiastic about it because it may just be this remedy is just the right time for me, but on a scale of 1-10, I give it 100 :)

    With the Asyra reading of top 5 things to deal with, on both readings it brought up rare brain diseases. I think what it does is match the illness frequency **as closely as it can ** to its stored frequencies. So whilst I dont have these brain diseases I thought it wont know what I have because no-one knows.

    But on an intuitive level , i feel my brain was a source issue and so i started to pay attention to it.

    Even if its just a pot luck protocol, i dont care - its working :)

    Yes, i am scared it wont last - but it just might :)
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  4. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Request to Moderators:

    Could you change the title of this thread from Arnica, to

    Homeopathic Arnica...

    just to be clearer....please.

    i dont know how to do this myself.

    Thankyou :)
  5. golden

    golden Senior Member

    Still really pleased. Its still working for me.

    I had a bit of an unexpected 'proving' though.... and got some weeping eczema from the remedy...(i never get or have ever had eczema), its all nearly cleared now.

    I think this is experimental homeopathy. :)
  6. golden

    golden Senior Member

    I didn't take Arnica for very long....certainly not forever ! :)

    My body just stopped wanting it and i became averse to even the thought of it.

    It was ok though as it kept working.

    It happened quite quickly and I lost all sensitivity to chemicals , i could drink coffee and even when i pushed and pushed and thought this will definately be a relapse - instead i just recovered.

    but other symptoms stayed.

    i then got a bad case of Summer Flu. - it did have all the hallmarks of M.E. but my friend had it and i caught it from him .....i am just over it now. So that was frustrating.

    I am having difficulty categorising where i am , symptom wise now. So !

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