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Hey Klutzo! :)

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Lisa, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Senior Member

    Western Washington
    I've not a clue where that other thread might be either so I'll reply to you here so I don't hijack Tree's thread. :)

    I've been taking pacreatin 8x by Source Naturals. I haven't tried any others, was recommended them by someone here on the forums. If I had thought to ask my doc what type to take when he said we should take them, it might be a bit more helpful. lol

    I have noticed they do tend to help with my main meals, I can tell a difference if I don't use them. And today I just found out that they are very helpful with a rice intolerance I have had all my life.

    Seems I don't produce enzymes to digest rice bran or protein from brown rice. But this detox supplement my doc said I should take has both in a large quantity. :rolleyes: I've been working on how to help my digestive system tolerate it and today found that if I open a capsule of enzymes and take it at the same time I drink the powder, I have ZERO problems with it. :D

    I'm absolutely thrilled! :D

    So yeah, they do help. hehe :)

    Thanks for reading some of my blog. :D

    I do have very similar weather as Lummi Island except they probably get a bit more wind where as I get a bit more cold.

    Have a beautiful day! :D

    Lisa :)
  2. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    Lisa, digestive meds

    I have issues with my digestion also, IBS I guess?:eek:

    I believe I was taking a supplement by the name of Pan Plex 2 phase?:confused:

    I was having some legal issues at work, still do! Don't like to accommodate us sickies!!:mad:

    I digress, so I mentioned to my lawyer how supplements end up costing a lot and she suggested asking my Dr about a prescription alternative. So I did and he put me on 10mg of Creon with every meal. :rolleyes:

    It cost my insurance 200 dollars a month but my copay was 10 and I think now 25 dollars. I built up a reserve, some days only 2 meals,;) but I will eventually go through my prescription company, Express Scripts and get 3 months with a 1 month copay!:)

  3. Lisa

    Lisa Senior Member

    Western Washington
    Thanks for the info ggingues:D

    Looks like I'll have to keep buying these from the store. The added ingredients in Creon are a little scary for my MCS. :eek:

    "CREON contains the following inactive ingredients: cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, hypromellose phthalate, polyethylene glycol, and triethyl citrate. The imprinting ink on the capsule contains dimethicone, 2-ethoxyethanol, shellac, soya lecithin, and titanium dioxide."

    and then depending on what dosage per cap is the type of dye they use, but otherwise it also has:
    "The shells contain FD&C Blue No. 2, gelatin, red iron oxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, and yellow iron oxide."

    The pancreatin I buy has:
    "Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule) and magnesium stearate."

    But it likely may help someone else reading this who doesn't have to worry about seriously sluggish detox pathways like I do and can handle the added ingredients without any trouble. :D

    Thanks for posting!

    Lisa :)
  4. klutzo

    klutzo Senior Member


    Hi Lisa,
    The thread for this subject is directly below this thread! ;) Cort moved it here. It says gallbladder and pancreas or something like that.

    Pancreatin is the strongest OTC enzyme you can get, but is light years weaker than Creon. My doc wanted me on max dose Creon but my ins. would not pay for it at all and it was $500 a month. I take the generic, pancrelipase, which is $300 am month and I am now in the Medicare doughnut hole so I must pay the entire cost. Normally it costs me less. Next year, I will reach the doughnut hole by June and have to pay for all my drugs the rest of the year.

    I am very glad pancreatin works for you. It worked for me ten yrs. ago, but the problem has progressed. Even Creon is not strong enough now and I am really sick (and poor!).

    Happy Halloween,

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