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Help with SNPS, +/+ for MAOA, VDR TAQ, BHMT-08

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by LouiseLouise, May 20, 2014.

  1. LouiseLouise


    I was diagnosed with CFS at age 16, 18 years ago. Gotten myself a lot better, but far from well.

    I revisited methylation after reading Amy Yasko's information. I have always had macrocytic anemia. So has my father. We both have food allergies, fatigue, and insomnia, but I am worse. I have had a lot of anxiety and depression. I have very low blood pressure (80/55-100/60) I had some childhood abuse and chronic depression from about age 9, but my current illness began with stress, hives, and food poisoning. Then I had dozens of food allergies, flushing, severe depression and insomnia. I pee a lot. Mildly bipolar. IBS. Sore muscles are a no no.

    Here are my methylation pathway SNP's from Genetic Genie. The rest were -/- or No Call:

    COMT V158Mrs4680 +/-
    COMT H62Hrs4633 +/-

    VDR Taqrs731236 +/+

    MAO-A R297Rrs6323 +/+

    MTHFR C677Trs1801133 +/-
    MTHFR 03 P39Prs2066470 +/-
    MTHFR A1298Crs1801131 +/-

    MTR A2756Grs1805087 +/-

    MTRR A66Grs1801394 +/-

    BHMT-02rs567754CT +/-
    BHMT-08rs651852TT +/+

    CBS C699Trs234706 +/-
    CBS A360Ars1801181 +/-

    Here are some of my experience with supplements and other things:
    Methylfolate: fatigue, depression, sounder sleep
    hydroxycobalamin injections: wonderful for a while, then stopped working, then more fatigue when I quit
    Methylcobalamin: Only take 5000mcg occasionally. Didn't notice anything.
    Magnesium: dopey, tired
    Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Vitamin A: depressed and tired
    Fish oil: EPA good, DHA bad
    Any psyochotropic drug that pushes serotonin is bad
    Parnate: good-ish. Less serotonergic MAOI. More than full dose causes insomnia big time.
    Lithium carbonate: seems to protect from the depression that results from inhalent allergies
    Helminthic Therapy (hookworms): Big increase in energy
    Specific Carbohydrate Diet: I get to sleep and have more energy.

    Thank you for responding. I appreciate your generosity :)
  2. LouiseLouise


    Sulfur could be a problem. NAC, lipoic acid, and sulfur dioxide make me feel bad. Sulfur dioxide gives me asthma.

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