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Help for Leaky gut, spastic colon

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by Frank, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    A thing that helped me greatly is a product called Mucoperm (Produced in Belgium). My symptoms of colon spasms and pains are gone. This product was advised to me by well known Prof. Michael Maes, below a link to a study of him is included. It's not cheap, about €58 or $75 for a month supply. I found an adres where it's possible to order from usa: link The ingredients of this product are (partly in dutch):

    /30 g

    Spirulina platensis - Spirulina - Totum 350,0 mg
    L-glutaminum - 250,0 mg
    Calcium-D-glucaraat 250,0 mg
    Magnesium aminochelaat 220,0 mg 73%
    Curcuma longa 200,0 mg
    Temoe lawak, Radix Enzymcomplex** 100,0 mg
    MSM 80,0 mg
    Gamma-oryzanol 75,0 mg
    Vitamine C 50,0 mg 83%
    Alfa-liponzuur 50,0 mg
    Hydrastis canadensis 20,0 mg
    Radix Nicotinamide - Vitamine B3 20,0 mg 111%
    N-acetyl-cystene 10,0 mg
    L-glutathion 10,0 mg
    Tocoferol - Vitamine E 5,0 mg 50%
    Pantotheenzuur - Vitamine B5 5,0 mg 83%
    Mangaan-AA-chelaat 3,5 mg 17%
    Zinkarginine 3,0 mg
    Pyridoxine - Vitamine B6 1,0 mg 50%
    Thiamine - Vitamine B1 0,5 mg 36%
    Biotine - Vitamine B7 0,3 mg < 1%
    Axeroftol - Vitamine A 300,0 g 37%
    Foliumzuur - Vitamine B11 70,0 g 35%
    Seleniummethionine 20,0 g 14% Cobalamine - Vitamine B12 1,0 g 100%
    Cholecalciferol - Vitamine D3 1,0 g 20%

    Study by Maes: short - long
  2. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    Nice Maes

    That product looks really interesting. Would you say you had irritable bowel syndrome?

    This is very timely regarding Dr. Maes. He been pushing out study after study and has agreed to an interview. I'm really looking forward to it; he's kind of unknown here in the US.

    Any thoughts on Dr. Maes and his protocol?
  3. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    yes i would say i had IBS or leaky gut like Prof.Maes calls it. This product along with a glutenfree, diary free diet cleared it up or suppresses it in some way. I've been on Mucoperm for more then a year and i'm now off for a few weeks (it's quite expensive). So let's see if symptoms come back. I've only seen Prof.Maes 2 times because of the cost, but i think his gut-protocol is pretty good! Also in europe he's not well respected, i think it's because of his new ideas about psychology.
  4. Cloud

    Cloud Guest

    Prof Maes

    I have pretty severe Leaky Gut Syndrome (which is not the same as IBS necessarily), and have only been using Glutamine, Zinc, Probiotics, and Systemic enzymes. Of course the Vistide treatment is killing off the Enterovirus' that may be the cause, but I think maybe there is more I could be doing on my own.

    Do you have any suggestions or a link to Dr Maes Gut protocol?

    Thanks s50
  5. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    Well i only know what i posted above. Maybe you can try to find a similar product, or find out what ingredients have the most effect. The diet is important too. I had to avoid gluten, diary, intolerable foods and eat less refined sugar. I'm 99% positive you can overcome this, so keep trying!
  6. Cloud

    Cloud Guest


    Thanks s50, Thanks for the tips about the diet.....very good point. I think that is my weakest area of adherence to a recovery protocol. Need to get that together.
  7. Tony

    Tony Still working on it all..

    Melbourne, Australia
    Dr Maes

    I like this bloke...:) He speaks his mind and isn't afraid to tell his govt they've got it all wrong with their "fatigue centres" for ME/CFS.

    He investigated patients who were told nothing was wrong by these places and found biological abnormalities. He says the centres are incompetent and tells em! At least this is what I got from his website.

    I think most of us have gut issues even if we aren't aware of it. De Meirleir reckoned in 2007 on 80-90%. Diet is really important for most of us. I think Cheney once stated that eating indiscriminately certainly wont help. Gluten, fructose, dairy, nuts (for some), sugar are all possible problems for sure. And all that processed food...erk!..:)
  8. R**

    R** Senior Member

    GAPS diet

    GAPS diet? No grain, no sugar/fructose .. only honey. Start with bone broths and work up to juicing then lastly raw veges.

    Has this diet been helpful for anyone here? The idea is that the (some?) pathogens (not sure about viruses) live in the small intestines. The fructose in fruits absorbs quickly as does honey. Other sugars.. no. And starches no.. they feed the pathogens.

    No dairy to begin with. Ferments are from vegetables.

    I think this is a starve them out method. I did this for a new months and am thinking of going back. This diet or time helped me repair some of my gut as it was an obvious wreck, now less so. Would love to know intestinal permeability status.. and how to check for entero viruses???

    Problem is alot of legumes are also starchy. So, maybe a modified version. And all the meat with ammonia build up not good... low AAs.. can the body really absorb?

    This is a modified version of the SpecificCarbohydrate Diet.. stricter, though, in beginning.

  9. Sunday

    Sunday Senior Member

    Just wanted to add that over on the "hidden story" methylation thread, the theory for healing leaky gut (don't know if this applies to IBS, but it might) is this: active B12 deficiency creates a situation where enough glutamine is not produced. When you have enough B12 for the methylation cycle to work, the glutamine gets naturally produced. Taking glutamine or glutamine precursors along with the B12 gums up the methylation process (I think this has something to do with glutamine (or is that glutathion? sorry, don't have a nutrition degree) being "downstream" from B12 in the methylation process.

    OK, this is definitely the Easy Reader version of this theory, but I'm posting this because, after 3 months on this protocol, my constant nausea is gone, and I'm reacting to food a lot more like I used to when I was healthy. Also my gut pain is down. I don't know if this has reduced my leaky gut for sure (and I'm not even positive I had/have it, it was a good guess by my acupuncturist; I don't have the $ for a lot of doctor visits and tests which may or may not do anything for me, and I also have deep suspicion of most doctors' ability to deal with any chronic illness, especially inexplicable unacceptable ones). It has certainly improved my digestive system by about a million percent. Never thought I'd be so happy to gain weight! While I had a fair amount of weight to spare at first, it was getting a little scary because, no matter what I ate, I kept LOSING weight. And that despite lack of exercise.

    If the processes you're using are working well for your gut, go for it: my sense is that there are probably a lot of ways to address this problem, and we're all a bit different. But it might be useful for some to know what I've experienced.
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  10. xlynx

    xlynx Senior Member

    London, UK
    Hey s5044726,

    Thanks for posting this, just out of interest does Dr Maes have any other diet suggestions other than gluten and dairy free. Does he suggest fructose free or anything. Also did he do any test to check if you had Gluten or dairy intolerance or does he prescribe that as a general rule.

    Many thanks,
  11. KC22

    KC22 Senior Member

    Could you tell me how long you were on mucoperm before you noticed improvement?? Did you have any reaction to taking it?? Thanks for the information.
  12. tlckunfumastr


    leaky gut

    i am currently being treated for leaky gut and candida. My biggest thing is that my body is very chemical sensitive like many other sufferers but what I can't figure out is why being that I have had every test out there and appear fully healthy, is my body eliminating everything i eat and drink. I now have full body reactions and I mean seconds after digesting certain things that leaky gut for me means literally leaking, as if I just had the food or drink put directly into my blood stream. I usually notice after 1min and sometimes sooner.
    It has been a slow process over the years. I have heightened sensitivity to everything, chemicals especially. I currently am on nystatin for candida and my doctor also says I have leaky gut. He is amazingly knowledgeable and because of it I know so much about the body and I'm only 31. I've learned everything from him. But the thing that neither of us are sure of is why i have some of the sensitivity that I do inmmediatly after ingesting something. I thought that mabey when the gut is leaky that it could be the reason that things such as sugar and alchol, coffee and also medications absorb right through my intestine and possibly stomach as well. I have heard of the stomach doing this as well. Again. this is quick and I am now down to eating turkey buger, some chicken, \homemade almond butter, brown rice and brown rice cakes in place of bread. The first indicater of this was when I took a sip of beer one day and lied on the couch and having a full body experience I felt as if my sugar levels or blood pressure or something was off. An hour later I thought, what the hell was that all about. I starting to notice funny shifts in my tolerence for beer a couple years earlier but never thought anything of it. After that experience I tried to drink another time and the same thing happened and also sugar levels act up for me but i have no diabetes or hypoglycemia. So if anyone has any clue or has these things happen because of leaky gut It sure could help me and my doctor out. He isn't sure either.
  13. cigana

    cigana Senior Member

    Hi tlckunfumastr,

    Sounds like you would really benefit from an elemental diet (not elimination diet). It only contains things that should be in your bloodstream, so you shouldn't get a bad reaction.

    Best wishes,

  14. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    I have leaky gut and I have the same bad reactions as you to different foods - my diet is similar to yours as well (has been for past 3 years) I eat whole brown rice as well, rice milk, chicken, turkey, salads and some vegetables. I saw Prof de Mer-leir recently so will know more about treatment in a couple of months. I would think it would be useful for you to read up on the threads for leaky gut on this forum, several people are treating themselves with success.
  15. roxie60

    roxie60 Senior Member

    Central Illinois, USA
    my Dr wants me to start glutamine and probiotics but after some reading I am concerned about this making my sit worse (dont know my glutamine levels yet, waiting on tests). I was here looking for glutamine (is that the same as l-glutamin) products and was going to go buy some today.
  16. Beyond

    Beyond Juice Me Up, Scotty!!!

    Murcia, Spain

    Im very interested in this. Were you taking Adeno or Methylcobalamin? Are you in the Simplified Methylation Protocol? Hope you still posting here, if not, I will be researching your posts :D

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