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Gyno issues/Gastro issues/b12 and 23andme testing

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by skyfall, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. skyfall


    I was wondering if anyone here has experienced gyno and gastro issues due to lyme, or at least since lyme symptoms started.

    I have had for the past few weeks some strange gyno issues. Period cramps but no period, pain in pelvic region, bloating back pain, severe gas, stomach growls and rumbles really loud, pellet like stools with mucus and undigested food in stools, and strange vaginal discharge (clear with a bad odor in the region), burning while urinating, and general discomfort. I have taken ibuprofen to no avail. I see a gyno in a week but i am not sure if they will be able to find much.

    It is so hard to pinpoint issues, especially gastro vs gyno as some overlap, and i just feel so disheartened. I am seeing a new LLMD and the wait is 3 months, i feel like my health is declining and i will never get better, or something really bad is going on in my system.

    I also got recent lab tests back which show excessive b12 in my system. This concerned me as i know it can point towards liver and kidney problems or some cancers. I just feel so down right now, and i feel constantly in pain. Any feedback or support would be greatly appreciated. I don't know why i always think the worst when it comes to a symptom but i do. Cancer runs in my family and i am convinced i have it. I don't know if the lyme can cause exaggerated fears but i am always feeling this way.

    I also did 23andme testing and got recommended supplements for mutations, but the s-acetyl glutathione i take seems to give me severe stomach pain. I am not sure if this is just a coincidence of timing, but it seems like since i have started taking after i do my stomach pains get worse. I also read 23andme is no way to really tell if genes are expressing in your system and supplementing them can cause more harm than good and other genes to turn on that can cause problems. Does anyone have any feedback on this?

    Sorry to write so many overlapping topics, i just didn't want to write different posts on different topics, and i just really would love some support right now. I feel helpless.
  2. whodathunkit

    whodathunkit Senior Member

    Those strange gyno issues can also be due to endometriosis or uterine fibroids. Have you ruled those out? They can come on fairly suddently, IME. I have had terrible uterine fibroids, that for a long time very much involved my bowels. I also have some discharge that is due to them. Had it for decades along with the fibroids. No cancer.

    I also had a roommmate for a while with crushingly bad endometriosis. She had a lot of bowel issues with that.

    Have you been diagnosed with Lyme, or are you speculating on that?

    Cancer runs in my family, too (Dad died of lung cancer, his mother had it, my mom had breast cancer, two great-grandmothers died of cancer, etc.), but I'm convinced I *don't* have it because my environment is different from theirs. Cancer is very much mediated by the environment. Best we can do is try to keep our environments (and by environments I mean physiologic internal plus mental, not just external) as healthy as possible. Don't borrow trouble by being convinced you have some disease you may or may not have. Easier said than done, I know, esp. if you have anxiety (I have had it terribly), but it gets easier with practice.

    I've found a lot of help and good info here on PR about supplements that have helped my mental outlook as well as physiological function. For example, I have MTRR mutations and although my b12 labs have always been off the chart I benefit greatly from injecting that every day. It brightens my mood and helps my metabolism. High B12 labs don't necessarily mean your cells are using the B12 that's circulating in your blood can just mean you have a lot of B12 circulating in your blood stream that isn't getting used properly. That's just one way labs can be misleading.

    But everyone is individual so you need to read and research and decide what supplements might be right for you to try.

    There's hope. Good luck! :)

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