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Grey Information about ME/CFS Part 2: 1991 1993

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Daisymay, May 6, 2011.

  1. Daisymay

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  2. heapsreal

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    Isnt it interesting in part one how they mention all the immunological abnormalities found in cfs like nk dysfunction, herpes viruses, entroviruses, hpa axis problems, these things they have known about for years but still reguard cfs as a form of depression, what the!!! This is my concern if xmrv is found not to be the culprit, will they still go looking for the cause?? even though all the immune abnormalities have been shown to exist for over 30 years and treatments recommended by the authorities will remain prozac and exercise.

  3. August59

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    heapsreal - You pose the million dollar question "Will they still go looking for a cause??" They will probably keep looking for a "single" cause and will probably find a partial answer, which seems to be wrong to research. It is either all or none when my "gut" feeling is that the answer is going to be a combination of things that is going to lead to a cure.

    There was the one thread about "What happened in the 80's?" I know vaccines was by far the focus of the thread, but what about global industry changes like increased use of plastics, food additives, changes in household goods (cookware, cleaning products ???), fillers added to medication or supplements? Were we exposed to a substance that took advantage of a genetic defect during a time of stress that altered hormones while the body was fighting a pathogen, but instead mistakingly permanently altered the way our body generates neurotransmitters. We make take a serum blood test that says that the levels of the neurotransmitters are in the normal range, but what if that neurotransmitter is faulty and only functions at 50% of what it should be or not even functioning at all?

    The above statement is just quickly generated scenario and probably has no scientific basis at all. Could something similar ever be studied? Science wants to look at one component at a time, which may eventually get there if all of the information from the individual studies are easily accessible and centrally located. I think science is going to have to establish a sequence of events to eventually get to the root cause of ME/CFS and the sequence is obviously going to be different for the various subsets. It would be very nice to see a study funded to look for any possible contributor to ME/CFS, but better yet a study that was by multiple researchers utilizing their particular strengths that could tie their findings together! Maybe some day!!

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