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Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by undcvr, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. undcvr

    undcvr Senior Member

    I wud like to know if anybody here is on glutathione and is benefitting from it. Not NAC, not acetyl glutathione but just glutathione itself. If you are I would like to know the dosage and how you are taking it for it to benefit you. I know all about the talk that glutathione does not get absorbed intact so please don't post anything about that, this post is all about questioning that assumption.

    Thank you.
  2. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    Earlyish in my illness I had benefit from inhaled (nebulized) glutathione. I've tried sublingual since without a noticeable effect. Can't help with info on any other form. I'll be interested to hear if you discover anything to refute the assumption that oral glutathione does not get absorbed intact. Is it actually an assumption, as in there's no scientific evidence?
  3. undcvr

    undcvr Senior Member

    There is evidence based on one experiment a long time ago, the dosage used was 3gm. I'm taking 1gm of glutathione 2X a day on an empty stomach and with Tums. I think I am feeling better but I want to know it is just all in my head or if it is actually working. I think that nac will not work if the cfs is serious becos the pathway for the production of glutathione to nac can be blocked up with toxins. On the other hand acetyl glutathione is a very expensive supplement while just glutathione itself is still one of the most popular supplements out there.
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  4. Lotus97

    Lotus97 Senior Member

    United States
    Hip said he gets good results from taking glutathione transdermally (with regular reduced glutathione). There are several pros and cons regarding glutathione supplementation which I'm too tired to look for since I don't remember them offhand. Rich recommends raising glutathione through methylation rather than supplementing with glutathione. Someone else said they were able to raise glutathione by getting their Krebs cycle functioning properly. Dr. Nathan said something about taking glutathione could possibly cause the body to downregulate glutathione production. I'm not sure if this theory is backed up by any clinical trials, but I haven't had time to research this (partially because I don't know what keywords to search for). I decided to stop supplementing with it until I can look into this. There were a few times a couple months ago after I had stopped glutathione where I experienced anxiety and taking glutathione sublingually calmed me down. I tried this because Rich said that low levels of glutathione in the brain (specifically the astrocytes) could cause a build up of glutamate.
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  5. starlily88

    starlily88 Senior Member

    Baltimore MD
    To Lotus97 - I am brand new on here. I just hit on a URL - watched a terrific video on study done by Richard A.
    Van Konynenburg - with Amy Yasko - done by Dr. Nathan's ME/CFS patients.
    He found out that to raise the Glutathione level you can't do it with B12 alone or Folic acid (Folate) alone.

    They did 6 month study with 30 women, raised their low Glutathione, B12, Folate, SAMe, etc.
    If you have couple of hours - a must see study.
    This was done by Dr. Neil Nathan at his old Springfield Missouri offices before he moved.

    This Richard Van Konynenburg spent 5 years putting glutathione into body, but it doessn't work.
    Then he Published in 2004 his paper that it doesn't work.
    Two months later, Jill James published her paper, with same biochemical problem.
    She said for methlonine synthesis you use B12 along With active folate to lift the methylation cycle block.

    The video is incredibly informative because Dr. Richard Van Konynenburg has PhD in Engineering and applied
    physical sciences. He worked 30 years at Univ of California National Laboratory doing research in Nuclear
    materials and technology. He has studied ME/CFS for the past 15 years.
    He proposed a Hypothesis for the pathogenesist and pathphysiology of CFS called the
    "Glutathione Depletion - Methylastion Cycle Block". He explains in detail how ME people convert ADP to
    ATP, our mitochondrial membrane damage, adrenal fatigue, etc.

    I was embarking on B12 shots - not knowing I have to do it with Folate also for it to be viable.
    His talk video is in Sweden in front of small group of very friendly scientists - very layed back talk.

    After the 6 months was up, they did an additional individualized 3 month thru Dr. Nathan.
    He tested for mercury and heavy metal - did chelations and if needed mold toxicity treatment.
    This extra testing/cleaning for pathogens/metals brought the women's scores up from 50% improvement
    to 70% or 100%. One lady refused chelation even though she was positive - she only had 20% improvement
    in ME/CFS symptoms.

    Hope this helps - you probably all know about this so excuse me because I just joined so not
    familiar - you all seem so incredibly knowledgeable.

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