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GlobiFer - Anyone tried it?

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Apple, May 15, 2016.

  1. Apple

    Apple Senior Member

    It's an iron supplement that is apparently highly absorbed with no gastric side effects. It's from Belgium.

    Has anyone tried it?

    Can anyone see whether the science makes sense?

    Composition GlobiFer Forte
    Heamoglobin powder from cattle, enriched with iron sulphate 600mg
    (FeĀ²+ as heme iron) (18.00mg)

    How does GlobiFer work

    The absorption of heme-iron and non-heme-iron happens differently. Non-heme-iron for its part, coming from plants, dairy and synthetic iron supplements, must be broken down in the gut before intake. Because of low absorption a residue of highly reactive iron will remain in the gut, giving possible nausea and/or gastric discomfort to the patient. This factor contributes to poor tolerance of high doses of traditional iron products. Although the elemental iron may be high, the bio-availability of non-heme-iron will not exceed 2% (on a full stomach) to 4% (on an empty stomach). The bio-availability is the iron that is actually absorbed.

    Through innovative technology, the GlobiFer tablets contain fortified heme-iron, which originates from meat products. Fortified heme-iron will be absorbed via the independent hemoglobin pathway as a whole unit. No residue will occur. Moreover the uptake of GlobiFer will not be affected by low acid content in the stomach. The high bio-availability reaches around 25%, much higher than the absorbtion of non-heme-iron. Heamoglobin which is not absorbed is inert for the body and will not cause irritations. Besides, as the GlobiFer tablets don't create side-effects for the patients, a diet of 2 tablets per day is possible and will further increase the daily intake of iron.


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