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Gillian McCarthy UK - severe MCS sufferer

Discussion in 'Fundraising' started by mermaid, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. mermaid

    mermaid Senior Member

    Cornwall, UK
    I hope it's OK to put this here. I previously wrote an article for Phoenix Rising on Gillian's plight, four years ago :
    Den Project Appeal for Gillian McCarthy, ME/MCS sufferer

    This has been posted by one of the people who try to offer what little support that they can. He has raised money for her in the past by sponsored runs and is going to do another one in Feb to help boost the funds here. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Gillian-McCarthy
    This is the film he has made to go with the appeal

    Gillian had a terrible fire earlier this year in the huts where she still lived. She was lucky to escape with her life but it did destroy all that was in there - most of her belongings. Since then, she is living in the tiny 'Den' building that was only ever intended as a respite, not as a permanent home. Unbelievably, she has received virtually no official help, despite being interviewed and assessed by social workers. They are unable to find a carer for her, so any help that has been given since the fire has come from volunteers as ever.

    I still write to Gillian (am too far away to visit and have no transport anyway), and I have been doing my best to help source some basic organic clothing items for her that she can tolerate as most of her clothing and bedding were lost in the fire. I have also just sourced a Solar Kettle that I hope may prove useful to take the chill off water for her. Her mother who is now in her late 80s still does her washing and banking.
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  2. taniaaust1

    taniaaust1 Senior Member

    Sth Australia
    this made me cry. Its so horrific how she's still living and shocking she's now also suffered a fire and lost all her stuff, I remember her story from years ago when I first heard about her.

    that's shocking. Thou I do not get much care support, I do get chemical free carers provided for the support I get. Its not easy (a new one came with contaminated clothes so I had to get her to take her clothes off and put on some of mine) but there is no reason why this cant happen.

    :( I hope someone in a high place helps her with her situation soon. I can completely believe getting left without water (Ive been left without food at times).
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