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Generic lyrica/pregabolin

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by heapsreal, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    Thought i would post this after i stumbled across it today.
    In australia lyrica isnt covered so full price is paid 56 x 150mg for $105, this online pharmacy sell it 90 for $125, so $15 for an extra 34 pills. Says free shipping for orders over $200. I havent ordered from these guys yet. This may help people in other countries if they dont have insurance, its a good med to help sleep quality and can use it like a sleeping pill ie dont need to use it every night.
    If someone has ordered from them could you let us know your experience.

    Its a good med for generalised pain and nerve pain that we experience with cfs and fibro, somewhat sedating and effects others differently. Also good for those who have neck and back pain too.


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