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Gaps diet put me in direction to recovery

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Hopeful1, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Hopeful1


    I developed CFS/ ME after 4 weeks of Levaquin treatment in June 2010 at 37 years, with 2 and 6 years old kids. My CFS/ME worsened and by June 2011, I was forced to quit my part time job and became house bound. December 2011, I developed heart muscle pains that worsened to severe ME (CFS/ME) mostly bed bound by April 2012.

    During my illness, I tried all supplements with Only some improvement. May 2012- I came to know about GAPS diet and in 2weeks, I started improving slowly but surely. Fast forward 2 years into the diet (on 3rd stage of introduction diet) , I was able to work again part time!
    Now, 5 years into diet, I'm much better , still part time, but much reduced crashes. Now with relapse of symptoms for last few days, but my last major crash was 1year ago! I'm in stage4 at times stage 5 of introduction GAPS diet for last 1 year.
    I hope sharing of my experience might help some one some where in the world. This diet with vsl#3 probiotic and at times enema is my only treatment for last 1 year- with flares- coq10, b12 and vitamin c.
    My thinking is that cfs/ me is originally from gut dysbiosis and best thing to do is to stick to diet for at least 6 months before one gives up on it.
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