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Fluctuations in lactoce tolerance

Discussion in 'Hypersensitivity and Intolerance' started by PennyIA, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    I have always been a bit lactose intolerant. Milk and ice cream were the worse... but for most of my life I could tolerate milk in baked goods, butter, and most cheeses. Ice cream was better if it was chocolate (my folks always made fun of me that it was a choice, not a tolerance issue - glad that I learned that cocoa is known for it's ability to aid in breaking down lactose as something I could show them).

    When I started to get ill around 10 years ago, the lactose tolerance was worse... I could tolerate a few hard cheeses, but anything else led to sudden, severe diarrhea.

    I've tried lots of failed treatments over the past years and didn't notice anything.

    I have worked with methylation support for the past 2 years to mixed results, but generally speaking more remissions than flare ups. Still working the kinks out of the treatment plan and hoping for ever better results.

    As part of the methylation support treatment, I went gluten free after already having reduced dairy to nil. I notice that occasionally I can cheat with the gluten and have only minor aches and pains afterwards. But cheating on the dairy was always sending me back to the bathroom.

    Yet, I broke my diet about a month ago and had some sour cream in a greek gyro. Some intestinal discomfort, but not the typical symptom.

    I tried another gyro a couple of weeks later... this time no issues at all.

    I tried a nibble of fruit dip that had sour cream and cream cheese - again, seemed ok.

    This weekend I made beef and cheese enchiladas (with cream cheese and other mexican cheeses) - albeit, a small slice of one as opposed to an entire enchilada - and again, seem fine.


    I haven't been trying any leaky gut treatments as I was trying to see how far I would get with methylation treatments... and in the past, when I tried pro biotics I always got horribly sick from them... so thought I'd focus on improving the one as best I could and coming back to look at the other later.

    Any ideas what might be influencing the toleration levels that would cause them to fluctuate so much? I'll be honest, I'm tempted to try more cream cheese options and ice cream would be AMAZING to have again... I'm slowly going to try to add in things that were the last things I could tolerate before I had to cut them and see how much I can gain back.

    Could it really be just the 4-5 year absence of dairy that gave my body a chance to heal??? If so, I'm wondering if I should just stick to 'special occasions' indulgences as opposed to truly adding dairy back to my regular diet??
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  2. Never Give Up

    Never Give Up Collecting improvements, until there's a cure.

    I've got one word for you: LACTAID!

    It is impossible to predict how much lactase your body is producing at any one time. It fluctuates. Mine has been doing so for 33 years now. My mother's for 20 years, my husband's his whole life, and my son's for 14 years.

    If you take LACTAID as if you are never producing lactase yourself you can eat what you want and not worry about it.

    Matching the amount of LACTAID you take to the amount of lactose in the food you are eating is important. Hard cheeses and Kraft shredded cheeses have the least lactose, so you use less. Two per serving is plenty for us.

    Soft cheeses and ice cream have the most, so you use more. Ten to 14 per serving is what it takes for me and my mother, 8-10 for my husband, 6-8 for my son.

    P.S. Of the 4 of us only my son has ME/CFS and he has been tested for borrelia with every test on the market, multiple times, by a LLMD, and come up negative every time, the rest of us are as healthy as can be.
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  3. Helen

    Helen Senior Member

    Borrelia bacterias cause this and many other stomach and gut problems, according to our doctor.
  4. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    I'll be honest... I used to use LACTAID, but when 4 pills didn't cut it, I quit.

    It never, ever occurred to me that I'd have to take half a bottle to each ice cream... and honestly? I can't imagine bothering. As much as I'd like to enjoy it? I'm SO NOT GOING down that path.

    When I could take 2-4 LACTAID with it, it didn't seem like such overkill.

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