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Eyes burning/not focusing properly

Discussion in 'Neurological/Neuro-sensory' started by blazes, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. blazes


    Port Aransas, Tx, USA
    I saw a post somewhere about someone having an issue with their eyes burning but for the life of me couldn't remember where I saw it.

    Anyway, lately, my eyes have been feeling as if I have been looking into the sun too long. It's almost like when you put Visene (or something like it) in a very irritated eye but the burning is less. They itch, they burn and water. Its as if my allergies are acting up but I don't have any other symptoms of allergies and I've never had this problem before.

    On top of all of that, I've had to stop driving because I can't keep my eyes focused when I'm in the sun or at night with the headlights coming at me, reflecting off of the street signs or highway signs....heck even the reflectors on the roads that tell you to stay in your own lane.

    I used to read a lot. At least a book a day. I've had to cut way back on that because my eyes won't allow me to do that. I'll be able to read for maybe about a week or so and then my eyes will seem to give out on me.....telling me "enough is enough!"

    Just being on the computer this long is bothering them. So....any ideas? Anybody else suffer from this? I know that not being able to focus properly is an issue with my muscles and nerves in my eyes not having enough "muscle/nerve tone" in them to keep my eye focused, which is a byproduct of the CFS.

    What about the burning? Same thing?
  2. laura

    laura Senior Member

    Southern California
    I get the "burning" when my eyes are very dry, as now, when I have active cold/flu symptoms. And my eyes are more dry when my overall CFS symptoms are worse, and I am more fatigued. And blurriness, I get sometimes too. Especially when I need to focus for long periods of time. I tend to think, for me, that the blurriness is related to blood sugar fluctuations, but I don't really know for sure.

  3. Forbin

    Forbin Senior Member

    Are the insides of your eyelids extremely red and inflamed (sometimes described as looking like "raw hamburger")? That could be conjunctivitis. You might want to see an opthalmologist. It can be treated with prescription eye drops. In some people, conjuctivitis is associated with psoriasis. I've experienced both.
  4. FernRhizome

    FernRhizome Senior Member

    Do you have a new PVC shower curtain? That can cause eyes to burn and have trouble focusing! It might have been my posting that you saw.
  5. Mithriel

    Mithriel Senior Member

    I have always had bad eye symptoms.

    I have photophobia so I always wear sunglasses outside. (They need to have a uv coating.) Put them on before you go into sunlight and try to make sure you don't get a sudden flash of bright light. - I was blinded for hours in hospital when they switched all the lights on when I was looking directly at them.

    Now I cover my eyes and only gradually expose them to a change in lighting.

    Over the past few years I have developed a sicca syndrome, possibly sjorgen's, with recurrent corneal erosions. The eye consultant has given me Celluvisc drops which have no preservative so I can use them as often as I need to keep my eyes feeling comfortable (every five minutes if neccessary) They have worked wonders. I also use viscotears and lacrilube during the night.

    You can also get drops if you are having allergies. I can't find the name of them off hand, but you take them for a while before they work.

    Stay away from drops for red eyes, they work in a different way.

    I hope something helps. As my doctor said to his student "Dry eyes don't sound like very much but they are wicked".


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