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Eyes are never fully awake

Discussion in 'Neurological/Neuro-sensory' started by herpesbaby, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. herpesbaby

    herpesbaby Senior Member

    This symptom bothers me the most. I feel like heavy head feeling is making me sleepy and making my eyes sleepy 24/7 and therefore dry.

    Today is week12 of my illness . Please kindly share if you had that symptom and will it eventually go away.
  2. herpesbaby

    herpesbaby Senior Member

    September 20th update: area above my eyes is swollen 24/7 since june i think.
    I'm dizzy 24/7 since April 19th. Tried acyclovir for 5 weeks and valtrex for 6 weeks. On interferon since late May. Also took 3 courses of inosine pronobex.
    On August 10th got tested for mono. High ebv igg levels which means nothing.
    Ana screening showed elevation but I hope it's because of mono.

    Does 6 months mean 24 weeks?
  3. PatJ

    PatJ Forum Support Assistant

    My blood pressure is low already but when it drops even lower I have trouble keeping my eyes open and staying conscious. Have you checked your BP?

    It can also happen sometimes if I eat food that contains gluten/wheat flour.

    If you do have mono then fatigue is a core part of it. Here is some interesting information:
    From zzz on PR:
    The best documented, most scientific alternative EBV treatment (which should really be mainstream) is the one Dr. Jay Goldstein developed for treating his mononucleosis patients in 1979. He used Tagamet (an H(2) blocker), but once Zantac came out, he switched to that, because it had far fewer side effects. For 90% of his mono patients, Zantac 150 twice a day got rid of all mono symptoms in a day or two. Over the years, this treatment was done on well over a hundred patients. This treatment was also very helpful for 20% of his CFS patients.

    There are papers published on this, but no clinical studies. Why? Here's Dr. Goldstein's explanation:
  4. ME_guy


    Grand Rapids, MI USA
    But a year is 52 weeks, so maybe 26 weeks is meant by the term 6 months.
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