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Extensive list of published, objective medical abnormalities in CFS/ME

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by gretac, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. gretac


    This site
    links to a 172-page PDF that lists research studies establishing objective evidence, with a mini-abstract describing each study and findings, here:

    This was compiled and abstracted by Lisa Petrison, PhD, who wrote "Back from the Edge," the book about Erik Johnson and his mold-avoidance journey.

    Studies are grouped according to medical categories associated with ME/CFS:
    * Cancer Risk
    * Cardiac Abnormalities
    * Orthostatic Intolerance
    * Tilt Table Test
    * Other Cardiovascular Issues
    * Exercise & Activity Intolerance
    * Oxidative Stress & Inflammation
    * Cytokines & Complement
    * Rnase L
    * Mitochondria
    * Natural Killer Cells
    * Other Immune Abnormalities
    * Herpesviruses
    * Enteroviruses
    * Gut
    * Candida
    * Mycoplasma
    * Parvovirus B19
    * Coxiella Burnetii
    * Borna Disease
    * Stealth Virus
    * Other Infections
    * Endocrine System
    * Brain Abnormalities
    * Cognitive Impairment
    * Gait Abnormalities
    * Sleep Abnormalities
    * Pain
    * Muscles
    * Physical Symptoms
    * Physical Abnormalities
    * Laboratory Abnormalities
    * Channelopathies
    * Lipids
    * Carnitine
    * Nutrients
    * Comparison with Other Conditions
    * HLA
    * Genetics

    This could be useful in dealing with disability insurance and adjudication; educating primary care doctors - and family, friends, and neighbors; and educating media - in contrast to the 172 pages of research, the site also links to a mere 6-page PDF of recent media coverage on said objective medical evidence!

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