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Exercise induced tachycardia

Discussion in 'Autonomic, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory' started by Marky90, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Marky90

    Marky90 Science breeds knowledge, opinion breeds ignorance

    Hi guys!

    So I was going over my medical journal, when I discovered that I actually had an abnormal 24-hour EKG back in the autumn of 2014, which was not followed up.

    Background: I originally thought my problems were heart-related, as my ME started off with exercise intolerance. And when I first got sick I discovered that my heart would start to beat irregularily if I went out jogging and pushed myself beyond the exhaustion. Due to this I have undergone extensive heart testing (stress testing on bike, 2 echos and more), which were all fine. However - my 24-hour EKG showed exactly what I experienced: Marked tachycardia responses to exercise (7 SVES and 1 VES), and bradycardia episodes at night, and transient elevated ST.

    So i googled transient elevated ST, and up came BRUGADA SYNDROME.. Suffice it to say, I did not sleep last night:p Well, I suppose the cardiologist would see if that was the case..

    My question is related to the tachycardia..Does anyone else with ME experience this when jogging (as in early in your illness)? I somewhat doubt that there is something electrically wrong with my heart, as that is very rare, and the symptoms started when my ME started.. On the other hand, knowing what we know of our disrupted circulation and so forth, i suppose exercise induced tachycardia could be a plausible consequence of pushing my body outside of its capacity.
  2. Sidereal

    Sidereal Senior Member

    Yes, same here. Marked tachycardia on any kind of exertion, even walking. Bradycardia at night.
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  3. Katherine


    I also experienced 'extra beats' very regularly and in fact this always is more pronounced during a relapse for me and then almost disappears after I recover from the relapse. I probably noticed the appearance of extra beats before any other symptom and before I realised I was unwell. In addition, once my illness became really apparent, I experienced prolonged heart rate recovery time after exercise (I still played tennis for a little while after my illness appeared....though struggled).
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