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Dysbiosis - sibo or stool test?

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by M79, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. M79


    I have been looking for a stool analysis that I can afford. I have used one German laboratory before, to test my adrenal glands, and they do have somewhat cheap stool analysis, but I found out they also have urine test, and I got the idea it is for sibo. This is what it says : ( had to use google translator to translate the description)

    Chemical analysis of the laboratory oraganischen acids benzoic acid, hippuric acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, phenylacetic acid, p-hydroxyphenylacetic acid, indican, dihydroxyphenylpropionic acid, D-arabinitol, citramalic acid, and tartaric acid.

    Indigestion as a result of a lack of enzymes, co-enzymes, micro-nutrients (especially vitamins), but also the small bowel and an unbalanced diet usually lead to an incomplete breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins in the intestine. The consequent change in pH favors the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms to the upper small intestine. These germs in turn transform the resulting excess metabolites to toxic degradation products, the organic acids that are eliminated by renal excretion.

    Some of the observed in urine by-products of metabolism are markers of intestinal infestation of a particular pathogenic germ.

    This is what it says for stool analysis :

    General information:

    Microbiological analysis of aerobic and anaerobic indicator microorganisms , fungi , yeasts ( Candida albicans and Candida spp . ) And the quantitative study on digestion residues . Further analysis of: α -1 - antitrypsin, calprotectin , bile acids, pancreatic elastase , secretory IgA.

    Simple sampling
    Free return to the laboratory
    Exact evaluation in the laboratory
    Individual scientific evaluation

    I am wondering which one I should get, in my situation I can basically only afford to have one.. :grumpy: And is that urinetest even somewhat accurate, has anyone ever had?

    I do think my stomach is lacking a lot, ie acids and good bacteria because of antibiotics and antiacids. Even tho my stomach has gotten much better because of my healthy diet, digestive enzymes and now b12 + other vitamins, it is still not normal. Something is wrong. Cannot remember how healthy stomach feels, been 20 years since I felt good, but I know this is not right.

    I think stool analysis would be more important, but because I found out they have the urine test I got curious.

    Doh, they would also have histamine stool test.. I am wondering if I do react to histamine, since strawberries, kiwis and so on cause me hives. I gotta stop reading their site :woot:
  2. SwanRonson

    SwanRonson Senior Member

    The first one is a urine organic acids test. I'm not that familiar with interpreting them, but I know Chris Kresser is a big fan of it. You might try looking up one of his podcasts on it.

    All I can say for the stool test is that the cheaper ones aren't very reliable. Testing for parasites and other nasties is really difficult. It takes a very thorough analysis protocol to get it right, and even then there can be false negatives. I've heard that genova is pretty much the gold standard. You might be wasting your money with cheaper ones. Could be better to just save up a little and get the better one.

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