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drugs bad effect to liver, kidney, etc

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by kisekishiawase, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. kisekishiawase

    kisekishiawase sad

    southeast asia
    Im not sure exactly where this thread fits better. But i thought here is ok?

    (After i posted. I realized this might not be a good idea, can bring down mood. Since if theres no way out and if its bad, then it will only cause more worries. But i was hoping theres some tips on how to reduce the bad effect?)

    Since most of us ill patients have to rely on drugs. Eventhough taking care the root of the problem once and for all is the best way. But since its not possible? We have to take meds regularly for a long time.

    I wonder if for long periods of time the meds will cause bad effect to our body?
    My mom always said that there are some people who take meds and end up with kidney, liver issue. Since its toxic.

    Im worried cause i was sick since i was a teenager. So that seem to be a long time i have to deal with meds. And im worried about the future. What will it bring to the future.

    Has anyone ever thought of it?
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  2. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    all drugs have side effects, and ill people are more prone to side effects than healthy people, women are more prone to side effects, and ME/CFS people are especially prone to it.

    You have to keep this in mind and listen to your body.

    You also have to be very carefull with drugs that are toxic to energetic pathway, especially if they inhibit or damage mitochondria;

    Here is a thread about it:
  3. Hugo

    Hugo Senior Member

    Regarding liver problems I would recommend taking milk thistle. I been on a toon of meds recently (mostly antibiotics) and milk thistle seems to work atleast what I can see from labtests.

    Also short breaks can be enough for the liver (three weeks) and identify what meds that cause liver problems early on and remove them. If you take meds that can effect your liver I would recommend taking blood samples and follow your AST and ALT with a doctor.
  4. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    There are many drugs that have minimal effect on the liver also. Plus its also the livers job to break down and help eliminate toxins and poisons, even infections can effect liver function.

    Comes down to weighing up the risk to benefit. Many drugs have kept people alive longer than without certain drugs. Drugs are bad thinking should be replaced with will this drug improve my quality of life or not??
  5. PatJ

    PatJ Forum Support Assistant

    As has been mentioned Milk Thisltle/Silymarin is well known for helping the liver. Alpha Lipoic Acid is beneficial as well. A doctor named Berkson used both, plus selenium and sometimes LDN to help people avoid liver transplants.
  6. IThinkImTurningJapanese

    IThinkImTurningJapanese Moderator

    That it is, I don't think I've ever seen an herbal medicine with such substantial research. It is also protective of the kidneys, and other organs.

    Here's some of that research,
    @kisekishiawase I don't know what Country you are in, but iHerb offers free shipping to Japan.
  7. kisekishiawase

    kisekishiawase sad

    southeast asia
    @Hugo unfortunately i cant take a break from the drug. So a routine liver blood check?

    @IThinkImTurningJapanese lol i like your username :)
    No im not in japan. but i like japanese songs and the words which means happiness miracle so i use it.
    Anyway i know i herb its quite popular i have bought supplements there myself its a great site/company. Unfortunately i cant buy it anymore since this year since its impermissible here.
  8. cfs6691


    I have read on liver disease/damage because I suspect that liver damage is behind my CFS.Not everyone gets a toxic reaction to the same medication.It can even depend on whether you break it down faster(if the metabolite is more toxic you are at greater risk for toxic reaction)or slowly.If you don't have symptoms that indicate a toxic reaction(for instance nausea,anorexia ,malaise)maybe you are worried unneccessarily.If you get symptoms that indicate toxicity you should get blood tests as soon as possible because they are more likely to reveal the problem(hepatotoxicity) at the time it's occurring.If your body is breaking down and eliminating the medication without a problem don't worry.Pay attention to any interactions with other drugs you might need to take in the future.
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  9. Mary

    Mary Forum Support Assistant

    Southern California
    @kisekishiawase - It's a very good idea to look at each medicine you take and learn about it. Certain ones are known to potentially cause liver or kidney damage and if you are taking any of those, it would be good for your doctor to do regular blood work to check your liver. I've learned we have to educate ourselves about medications - in general we can't rely on our doctors to do this for us.

    Milk thistle is very good for the liver. Also NAC (n-acetylcysteine) is very important for helping the liver deal with toxins. It's used to treat acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose. I've taken it for years. I did read one article which said to pair it with vitamin C.

    So I wouldn't worry about drugs you're taking, but I would learn about them. That's really important, and then see whether you need regular testing to check your liver (or kidneys) or to take supplements to help support your liver and so on.
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