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Dr Martin Pall supplements

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by suzanne, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. suzanne

    suzanne Senior Member

    I have been reading about theories that Dr Cheney and Dr Pall have around the nitric oxide cycle. They suggest a whole bunch of supplements that are said to help if taken in combination. I am doing methylation at the moment ( started 4 months ago) and so I am already taking methyl b12 ( 750mcg) and methyl folate (600mcg)

    I recently experimented with ecklonia cava; acai, pomegranate- as suggested in the dr pall protocol. BUT all of thee make me wose- I dont know if this is like a start up response , but would love to hear if anyone else has had any experience.

    I took 200mg ecklonia cava and felt really nauseas and chronic headpain- I have heard that the ecklonia cava can increase serotonin. Perhaps this is what was happening as my response was just like when I tried anti depressants.

    The acai and pomegranate I have taken seperately but both give me the same response even when I have lowered the dose ( I am now taking only 1/8teaspoon of pomegranate). the effects are bad nausea, headaches and worsening of itchy skin - and burning sensation to skin. the only other time I have had these reactions is to candida die off- perhaps that is causing the symptoms.

    Any thoughts or eperiences with these supplements or the Pall protocol?
  2. SOC

    SOC Senior Member

    I had good luck with the Pall Protocol. Most of my sensitivities cleared up, as did my bronchitis and asthma (for the most part). I also had improvements in brain fog. Earlier in her illness, when it was still mild, my daughter could pull out of a flare/relapse much quicker if she took the Pall Protocol supplements for a couple of weeks. I still take the MVM-A because it works as a good general multi supplement for PWME. The Pall Protocol didn't do anything for fatigue/exhaustion, though.

    I couldn't take the the ecklonia cava (Fibroboost) or the FlaviNOx when I started the protocol. I just substituted antioxidants I could tolerate. I did use them both for a while after some of my sensitivies cleared up, but I don't recall them adding a lot to the protocol for me. I don't remember any acai or pomegrante in any of the supplements, but it's been a while since I looked.

    You can check out the TenthParadigm Yahoo! group. There are lots of people there using the Pall Protocol, including several who have to do a lot of substituting because they have problems with different parts of the Nutricology versions of the supps. Marty Pall shows up there fairly often, too, so you can sometimes get answers from him.

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