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Dr Lucinda Bateman. New Webinar: IOM diagnostic criteria.

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by aimossy, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. aimossy

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    From Solve ME/CFS Initiative. Webinar with Dr Lucinda Bateman.

    Titled: Will SEID Diagnostic Criteria Improve Diagnosis and Treatment?

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  2. lazzlazz


    I made screenshots of the slides presented in the video above. There is also a 10+ minute question/answer at the end of the video (no slides for that).

    One point Bateman makes is that all the arguing within the CFS field about the name is really non-productive. (Some of the people arguing about this obviously haven't read the report; there is justification provided in the report which explain why they recommend the name SEID. Some may not agree with that justification, but some of the complainers seem ignorant that the committee did think about the concerns the complainers are bringing up. In the end, it's just a name. One point Bateman makes in the talk is that the name encompasses all the core symptoms plus changing the name may help physicians move forward and reduce prejudice/stereotype. Both are positive things.)
    The commentary made along with the slides in the video is excellent, so before you start picking apart a point in the slide, listen to the video commentary that accompanies the slide.
    I personally think the IOM committee did an excellent job. There is more to be done, and they've called for funding for another review within 5 years. They themselves recognize that there is a good deal more literature which will be coming out within 5 years. Whether or not you agree with whether what the committee was charged to do is enough, they certain did what they were charged to do.

    Note that you can use the zoom function in your PDF reader to make the text in the slides larger! The PDFs come in the following formats: 4 slides per page/landscape and 2 slides per page/portrait.

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