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Dr Kilmas how to get in touch with her office to see her right away.

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by hensue, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hensue

    hensue Senior Member

    Is it the clinic that people see her right away? If anyone can tell me please let me know. Still searching for answers for my son who the docs thinks it is all in his head.
    They will not do a mri of back or dye in the veins for heart. Any info will be appreciated.
    Called Dr Lapp and they see the patient once a year. He has pain on one side of his body the left and he is left handed. No energy and was panicking because he thought he was having heart attacks. He does break down and cry and says either I am going crazy or some I have a terrible disease. The doc has put him on klonopin at night and ativan as needed and the generic for celexa which i cannot spell right now. He is still almost suicidal because he hates feeling like this. I have not told him I think it is Cfs but all the blood work ekg colonoscopy what they have done has been good. Any suggestions please tell me. Need a referral to get a Mri on back cannot get one doc says he has to have pt first. Please respond as soon as possible.
  2. floydguy

    floydguy Senior Member



    This is her clinic not her office at the U. of Miami. She doesn't accept insurance (except for lab work) at the clinic. The clinic takes people relatively quickly.

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