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Dr. Bell lecture on XMRV in New York

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by Cort, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    Dr. Bell will be giving a lecture on XMRV

    Public Lecture, December 6, 2009 in Batavia, NY on XMRV and ME/CFS

    Because of the enormous interest generated, I will be giving a talk on the XMRV virus and what is known about its relationship to ME/CFS on Sunday, December 6, 2009. The talk will take place from 2 pm to 5 pm at the Holiday Inn of Batavia NY (8250 Park Road, Batavia, NY, 14020), right next to the NY State Thruway. The location was chosen because it was roughly equidistant from both Rochester and Buffalo, and the presence of rooms at a reasonable cost ($72 double, $99 suite) for those persons wishing to stay overnight.

    In this lecture, material will be presented from the Science paper, Dr. Dan Peterson's testimony at the CFS Advisory Committee meeting, and our hopes for a study to help confirm these findings. I will also share my opinions about treatment options that may open up in the future.

    $10 Advance
    $15 At the Door

    PayPal link to purchase tickets will be posted here soon.

    PayPal account not required.
    Major credit cards accepted.


    Click here to make room reservations at Holiday Inn
    ($72 double, $99 suite)

    Holiday Inn guarantees the room rate if booked by November 23rd.
    After that its back to regular rates.
  2. Jessrose21


    Farmington, NY
    I only live 45 mins from Batavia so I'm going to go for part of it, haven't got the strength for the whole thing. I used to be a patient of Dr. Bell's (not part of the original outbreak, tho) and I don't want him to forget me!
  3. MEKoan

    MEKoan Senior Member

    Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo!

    I'm doing that dance thing with the arms out front and the fist thing, you know: woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo!

    If I had a current passport and a car and driver and money for a hotel and if I could take my dog... I'd be there!

    let's dance...

    woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo!
  4. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Hey Jesse, you must live near me! I'm in Fairport (east side of Rochester.) I'm not up for the ride, though, or else I would go, too.

    I could never seem to get off of his waiting list before he retired, so I never was his patient. I DO know that he testified so much for CFS patients in Monroe County courts for SS disability that he helped establish case law for it. So, for that I am very grateful to Dr. Bell.

    Hope it's an interesting talk!
  5. dipic

    dipic Senior Member

    Hey, I live quite close too (North Chili! :)) I have been extremely fortunate to know and be seen by Dr.Bell as a patient. He is great doctor and even better person.

    Being bedridden, I couldn't hope to be able to attend the lecture but I believe my old man is planning go. :)
  6. Martlet

    Martlet Senior Member

    Near St Louis, MO
    ROFLOL ... I have a car and driver (aka husband) but we had to drive back from FL as I was too sick to fly and right now can't imagine ever wanting another road trip. But still, Woo Hoo!
  7. Robin

    Robin Guest

    I'm sorry you're bedridden! I'm housebound right now myself. My mom and boyfriend are thinking about going but not sure they'll stay for the whole thing. I wonder if it's being recorded?
  8. Robin

    Robin Guest

    My dad and boyfriend went to this today. I was too sick to go. About 50 or so people were there and the room was almost filled.

    I'll go over my Dad's notes more later, but, Dr. Bell said a couple of things that I didn't know.

    XMRV is a tiny little virus that is very hard to find, and there are four different tests of varying usefulness that were done to find it in people.

    Dr. Bell thinks that we'll know in the next six months if XMRV pans out because the studies being done now should be done by then. Also, several studies, not just one, need to verify the WPI work. It's OK if some don't.

    He doesn't think XRMV transmission is like HIV -- it's much more difficult to spread but would be an issue in blood donation. (I'm unsure about that one - my dad couldn't really explain it.)

    My Dad didn't know about Bill Reeves and was livid about the sexual abuse study! He wants to go kick his ass. ;)

    There was a lot more but most of it was what we've heard already. If someone else was there first hand, please clarify some of my Dad's points!
  9. Sing

    Sing Senior Member

    New England
    Robin, you made me laugh!

    Thank you for this excellent report!

  10. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Haha no problem. I wish I had been able to go myself and ask questions.

    I forgot to add that Dr. Bell claims that people with CFS are at no higher risk for cancer than the general population. He didn't explain further about Dr. Peterson's hodgkin's and mantle cell lymphoma patients.
  11. _Kim_

    _Kim_ Guest

    Robin, Wow. Not one, but two knights in shining armour (intentional misspelling). That's so wonderful that they would go out and listen to Dr. Bell on your behalf. Sounds like you have some special people in your life!

    Thanks for the report, too. We need a whole team of dads and boyfriends to go kick some Reeves butt! I hadn't thought of how the father of a CFIDS daughter might interpret the results of the sexual abuse study. Guess Reeves didn't either.

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