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DOO DOO Update!

Discussion in 'Rituximab: News and Research' started by Jacque, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Jacque

    Jacque Senior Member

    USA - California
    Hey All - Took a real break from reading about this "sick" stuff so I am a little behind on the latest here on PR! Looks like I have some catchin up to do!

    Just wanted to give my latest update and so as not to defend any virgin ears out there I will refrain from saying things like I feel like Sh*%, or this illness is a real BI***, or things are just really FUBAR! ;) I will just refer to things by saying I really feel like DOO... or DOO DOO ... or then there is DOO WAP... the ultimate of DOO's..

    I am headin in for my 4th infusion on Tues. Was supposed to go last week but felt too DOOish to drive the 4 hours... So not I am just gonna have to push through the DOO and get my butt down there this week.

    When I look back at my notes of my DOO WAP symptoms before starting on the Rituxan I have made major improvements in some pretty DOOISH areas such as SUICIDAL THOUGHTS... Before Rituxan it was on my mind 24-7 because my suffering was SO INTENSE and I was on the couch 90% of the4 time with FULL BLOWN FLU like DOO DOO DE DOO symptoms... I just wanted to DIE... I couldn't even drive a car bc of the terrible lightheaded and out of body feeling I always head.

    I get really bummed at how damn DOOISH I still feel after being on the Rituxan until I go back and really look at the notes I jotted down before beginning.

    I have had improvement in the Flu like Doo arena, The suicidal thoughts arena, and the Orthostatic Issues. I would say about a 75% improvement in those ... only to have my symptoms come flooding back at about time for next infusion, which is really DOOPRESSING...

    I was horizontal 90% of the time before Rituxan and now I am able to be vertical a good part of the time.

    I have NOT seen much BONE, Nerve, or joint pain reduction, still on the same amount of Norco if not more. I was REALLY hopin for some relief in the PAIN arena dang it! I have also seen a drastic decrease in head pressure and overall headaches and migraines.

    Gawd I don't even want to write this bc ever time I get optimistic and write something it seems the next day I wake up with a stinkiin migraine! Does that ever happen to anyone else. I feel like I get punished for being optimistic some times! :confused:

    Sooo, in a nutshell the Rituxan IS doing something but it doesn't seem to last and that worries me.. I have 4 more infusions - then what? I will be discussing this with Dr. K.

    What this treatment HAS shown me is that the "VIRAL" aspect of this illness is at the very core of that drop dead flu like DOO I deal with. The Rituxan is definately getting at something - there is no doubt but I am in NO way able to exercise or work - due to the fact that I still deal with horrendous pain, cognitive, and sleep deprivation issues.

    I have improved in the fact that I just feel more alive now and now so DEAD and depressed! I actually had tolerable holidays and managed to do a couple of fun things. Would have loved to have not have been dealin with the pain but hey I was happy not to be dealin with the flu doo on top of it all.

    So that is about it for my DOO update.

    I am still intent on trying the Bio Charger Multiwave Oscillator that gave me a complete remission for a few months in the past. (Known to deactivate viruses and has shown great success with AIDS) I was supposed to receive it before Thanksgiving but he got so back logged from European physicians, that mine is not being shipped until tomorrow so I should have it this week... and i am super anxious to try it again. Call me crazy - cuz after 35 years of this BULLDOO - I AM... but this energy medicine makes sooo much sense to me on a cellular level. There is a great site that explains how multiwave oscillators work. www.multiwaveoscillators.org Great info in there on Cancer and "electroporation" of the cell. I did try a Novalite a year ago and felt NO difference at all. But like I said the Bio Charger gave me a remission that I will NEVER forget as long as I live and I just have to know if changing the location "lost conduction due to the floor" was the problem. I am not gonna know unless I try it again... Call me crazy or call me desperate... or just call me the DOO QUEEN...who wants some dang "life" in the years she has left!

    Happy Doo Year to all of you.... ummmm hmmm should I erase that? Nah if you're on this forum you GET IT!!

    Hope you are DOOING WELL!!! Jac
  2. Xandoff

    Xandoff Michael

    Northern Vermont

    As you know I deal with constant pain too and am off all pain for over a year now. Hang in there. I send you light & Hugs. My sister had Lymphoma and my other sister has Chron's. I think there is a link here.
  3. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque


    Great post! I think you gave us all something to smile about--thanks! :)

  4. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    Thanks for the update Jacque, I've been wondering how you've been dooing. Thanks for your honest feedback.
  5. Tammy

    Tammy Senior Member

    New Mexico
    Hi Jacque,

    Was just thinking about you yesterday and noticed it had been a little while since you posted...................well...........thanks for the doo doo update.............I was getting a little worried......although I know you still feel pretty doo dooish......I am happy to hear that there has been a few improvements. Hugs, Tammy
  6. ukxmrv

    ukxmrv Senior Member

    Thanks Jacque for the update. Happy New Year to you as well. Hope that this one brings something good for us all.

    Really glad that you are feeling more alive than dead now. It was interesting that you said this I think

    "What this treatment HAS shown me is that the "VIRAL" aspect of this illness is at the very core of that drop dead flu like DOO I deal with. The Rituxan is definately getting at something - there is no doubt but I am in NO way able to exercise or work - due to the fact that I still deal with horrendous pain, cognitive, and sleep deprivation issues."

    Sometimes this disease feels like peeling an onion as we tackle different parts or one of those fairground games trying to hit things as they pop up at random.
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