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DNA Methylation Pathway, UAA questions.....

Discussion in 'Genetic Testing and SNPs' started by Shane1974, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Shane1974


    Hi All,

    Looking to treat fatigue, cholesterol issues, dealing with gene mutations, etc

    I have become overwhelmed with information and continue to confuse myself on how to treat everything. I don't want to be locked into a practictioner that does testing and also pushes their supplements. I am trying to do most of this myself. Any input would be great!

    DNA Pathway planner (Mutations below)
    SHMT/C1420T +/- Hetero
    MTHFR/A1298C +/- Hetero
    MTRR/A66G +/- Hetero
    BHMT 1/2/4/8 +/- Hetero
    CBS/C699T and A360A +/- Hetero
    COMT/V158M +/+ A
    COMT/H62H +/+ T
    MAO A/R297R +/+ T

    Urine Amino Acids Test (Listing high/low only except ammonia which seems important)
    Methionine 5.5 (Range 9-56) low
    Lysine 36 (Range 45-700) low
    Taurine 1540 (Range 350-1850) high
    Ammonia 24000 (Range 12000-65000) Ok
    Glutamine 210 (Range 190-725) low
    Serine 170 (Range 140-568) low
    Beta-Alanine 37 (Range <35) high
    Anserine 290 (Range <110) high
    Carnosine 120 (Range <60) high
    Cystathione 6 (Range 9-65) low
    1-Methylhistidine 500 (Range 80-450) high
    Alpha-Amino-N-Butyrate 5.7 (Range 8-90

    Singulex Multipanel lab
    Uric Acid is at risk (Went up from last lab)
    Total Cholesterol is high, LDL high, HDL 67, APO B at risk
    Vitamin D >120 High
    Estradiol Low
    Homocysteine this lab 9, previous lab 13.
    B12 875 (Range >210)
    Folate 17.1 (Range >4.6)
    Cortisol ok (Presiously tanked out did supplementing in the past)

    Run 3-5 week
    Bulletproof coffee AM
    Eat fairly well
    High stress/Anxiousness once in a while.

    Listened to Dr. Ben Lynch a LOT and read the info from Dr. Amy Yasko that came with my pathway planner.

    Currently taking:
    MTHFRade (Electrolyte drink)
    Vitamin E
    B6 (P-5-P)

    Did B12 Methylcobalamin and 5-MTHF did seem like it helped. Also took Hydroxy as its supposed to be better for me because of my mutations. I felt REALLY anxious from it one day. So I stopped taking B12/Folate.

    Any input would be great! Thanks. Shane.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016

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