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Different ongoing symptoms

Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by kaffirlime, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. kaffirlime


    Last year (October) I got a weird and frightening reaction from NAC (took it only about 2-3 days), afterwards I crashed, got some kind of lung problem (sweetish cough), severe anxiety/agitation all the time. Felt like dying, and had mild fever that persisted for over a month, with severe GI symptoms, decreased urine output. Doctors told me it's just a stubborn virus after all test were done. I was sure it was some kind of mercury redistribution thing, but who knows, that was just a belief. In all that fuss I also tested urine mercury and it was 3.5 (reference <20 is considered normal).

    Over time the acute phase got better, but since that I haven't felt good. I catch some kind of recurring "colds" (dryish usually) very easily (had a little bit of that sweetish cough again some days ago but it got better), feverish feeling without fever, feel funny and panicky a lot, serious adrenaline spikes, heart palpitations, night sweats (shirt becomes all wet), reflux symptoms (been wondering if they partially cause irritation to lungs), food sensitivities, vibrating metallic taste in mouth, derealization sensations... and now the urine output is fairly low again lately (could it be linked to some kind of infection?). I do admit that I get worried about the symptoms much of the time. Also when I stop walking around I get whole body soreness/pains, somehow linked to the recovery phase.

    They will probably just tell me I have a somatoform disorder lol, but I feel there is something else going on.

    Any ideas what it might be? I know this info is not comprehensive enough...
  2. Eve18


    Flu like symptoms, food sensitivities, heart palpitations all can be part of ME/CFS. Did you have blood work for viruses?
    Feverish feeling, palpitations, adrenaline spikes, sweating can be autonomic dysfunction. Or just anxiety.
    You should be evaluated by a good physician. We shouldn't diagnose each other.
    I hope you will find somebody who will listen and will be willing to find answers.

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