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Desperately need help! Back to square one...

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by AkeBono, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. AkeBono


  2. Notjustfatigue


    Asturias, Spain
    You are so welcome. Its a real pleasure to be able to help as far as i can.

    If you are looking for an integrative doctor, Josepa Rigau is one of your better choices for sure. I do not have direct experience with her since i have never actually been her patient, but i have some friends and lot of mates who are/have been with her and is a very good option really. She is very gastro focus (that is her very first target) and she also has a bunch of knowledge in genetics, so she would be real good option for all that genetic and methylation stuff. She makes Geneva Labs genetics test and she is so good prescribing a treatment in base of your own genetic.

    As said in the previous page, for magnesium both transdermal one and epsom salt soaking are very good options. If you have some muscles or joints pain, i recommed epsom salt baths as it helps so much with them.

    Hope it would help!!
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  3. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    Sorry to hear doctors have not been able to help you, i'm all to familiar with it.

    If fermentation/dysbiosis is such a problem, then why not try the combination rifaximin/neomycin?

    Have you tried eating low FODMAP?
  4. perrier

    perrier Senior Member

    Did you see Dr Gundry? Did you follow his diet? his supplements? I'd like to hear. Thanks
  5. Lolinda

    Lolinda POTS + after meals, I need to lay in bed for hours

    I followed his diet strictly for months. In sum, I am convinced that his diet is right but I did not profit much because in fact I was intuitively already eating like this before.

    In detail:
    Proof that I was already healed before treatment comes from the fact that my TNF was normal before. Still I tried the diet. All that I could change towards a fully strict version was:
    • omitting chilli and bell peppers
    • omitting grain fed meat
    • omitting cow butter (A1).
    Avoiding cow butter (and replacing it with sheep butter) had an effect: a red rash on my belly disappeared. After eating for month like this, I slowly reintroduced foods and saw that there is no loss. I liked having done this experiment. I am convinced it is the way for me. But small deviations are permissible without offending my body, so I happily eat now chili, bell peppers and butter again. That red rash came back but doesn't bother me. I love butter :). In sum, I learned a precious theory that explains why I had such a peculiar taste all my life. I recommend you test for TNF and adiponectin to judge your chances to profit health-wise in return for your sacrifice when following the restrictions.

    In short the simplified essence of the theory:
    • an elevated adiponectin means that you are a person who is offended by lectins
    • an elevated TNF means that you currently eat too much lectins
    • in case you can get hold of a casomorphin test: an elevated outcome means that you are currently consuming too much A1 milk products. for anyone from Europe: Ganzimmun in Germany does it.
    (In reality, the above rules for interpreting lab results are not at all this black-and-white. Also, there is far too little research. So it depends on you: I was in a desperate situation and at that time, I had no much other ideas not yet tried... So for me it was reasonable to try inspite of having had small likelyhood to profit in view of my normal TNF)
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