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Dental Emergency- sensitive to Xrays, too!

Discussion in 'Skeleton, Skin, Muscles, Hair, Teeth, and Nails' started by OkRadLakPok, May 3, 2013.

  1. OkRadLakPok

    OkRadLakPok Senior Member

    Oh dear. I have a tooth that is throbbing and I am asking for updates on those who posted about extraction vs. root canals.

    Here is the history-

    This tooth had mercury---got that removed three years ago. I did react to the mercury terribly, but the fog in my brain was reduced. In fact, it was like a miracle. I could not believe it!

    The dentist said it was close to the nerve because it was deep cavity before. So I knew this was coming.

    He filled with no Xray because I cannot do xrays. Every time I have had one, I react. I vomited with the one for another tooth. Further, I have gene variation which place me at higher risk for both menengiomas (brain tumours cause by dental xrays) and thyroid cancer So I am very afraid to have this looked at! He is a great dentist but does not extract :-(

    I am leaning toward extraction. I have looked over these forums and have read many of the threads on canals vs extractions. I simply cannot go through the many xrays needed for a canal and all the issues regarding compatible materials, etc. The porcelain I reacted to as well as whatever else the filling was. I think resin or something.

    However, I know extractions can still leave behind infection.

    Can anyone who has had extraction update?
    Did the teeth shift? They say top teeth will get loose.
    Can you eat? I thought of Snap on Smile for bottom just to eat, but they are made of plastic and I an see how THAT would go over. Plastic with every meal?!!
    Do you regret it?

    This is a molar smack where I eat, lower left. It is already so hard to eat and my food issues are already hanging by a thread. The right molar is also poised to be extracted. Hopefully I will be older then so I can have one side to chew on.

    Whoever said this is like a nightmare you cannot wake from was right. :-(
  2. PennyIA

    PennyIA Senior Member

    I have partial uppers right now for teeth that just couldn't be fixed (failed root canals - oh, dear, they'd say to me - those can't possibly feel any pain. Wanna bet? Grrr).

    And in two weeks (OMG I can't believe I'm waiting two weeks for this oral surgery - I might have to ask someone to hide all the tools from me because I'm in TERRIBLE tooth pain that just doesn't end) - I'm getting the remaining teeth (all of them) and going to full dentures.

    Switching to my partials was not a comfortable adjustment. BUT, the pain stops. It stops and it doesn't come back. And I'd rather deal with discomfort over OMG-Throbbing-pain-take-a-hammer-to-the-darn-thing-NOW pain. I don't regret my decision, but you might not want to ask me my opinion the day after surgery either.

    I tried using fixadent and polident fixative (both have a zinc free version) not because my uppers were loose (they aren't) but because the rough surface of the dentures against the sensitive roof of my mouth feels like I'm wearing sandpaper. But sadly, while it put a nice soft coating between me and my dentures, I had a reaction to something in it and it isn't something I can tolerate. The partials were only temporary and I was hoping that my mouth would 'toughen up'... but with my permanent dentures on the way - I'll be more picky. If there are as rough textured as my partials - I'll be in almost weekly to get them to the point where they aren't as painful. I get free 'adjustments' for six months and intend to use that pretty religously to see if I can't get things more comfortable.

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