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Database for those diagnosed

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by Drass, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Drass


    I just made an Excel to have some kind of database of people diagnosed with LateStageLymeDisease and see what kind of treatment they are following, how long they have the sickness, if anything is working particulary good to them etc.
    Its not too comfy to enter to some threads 20 pages long and go one by one to know which changes in the treatment were made, and how they are feeling after it.

    Right now the info its in spanish but you can add your info in english. I will translate everything in a while to english, to be able to "host" people from phoenixrising :) The doc is read only unless u are interested to participate, then i send you invitation and u can modify it :)

    I hope u like the idea and are willing to join
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  2. Drass


    Just added section of medicine and supplements to know where to order, whats the price etc
    I also translated it to english, as i said

    Anyone would like to participate? Will be helpful for you and for the others! :)

    We could see how the doctor are prescribing the same medicines, to patients with different diagnoses, or maybe the opposite.. Sure there is a lot of data mining to do after if we get a nice list of patients.

    You can add you info in English in the list Global Patients :) there is also one in spanish where people post their stuff and i translate it and copy it to the Global Patients list :)

    We are already 4! :)
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