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Crowd-sourcing a cure for cancer through the internet

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Bob, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Bob


    England (south coast)
    BBC News article

    Crowd-sourcing a cure for cancer through the internet
    By Jane Wakefield
    15 October 2012

    Just an interesting little article regarding one person's experience with cancer which led him to embark on an open format medical data, and crowd-sourcing, project.

    It discusses the "open source cure" website, which was opened about a month ago:

    "It is only natural that someone with a cancer diagnosis would turn to the web for help, even though the results are likely to terrify and reassure in equal measure.
    But on getting his diagnosis, Italian robotic engineer and open-source artist Salvatore Iaconesi took things one step further.
    "I did what I know best and asked for my medical records so that I could share them with as many people as possible and get as many opinions as I can," he said.
    It was a brave decision and one that has touched a nerve. The site he set up - Open Source Cure - has attracted 200,000 responses since it was launched a month ago."

    "The website has caught the attention of the Italian government, which is considering ways to open up patients' medical records and cites his project as an example of what is possible."

    "We have had neuroscientists talking to nutritionists, oncologists talking to those practising Chinese medicine," said Mr Iaconesi."

    "He will have the surgery but is now in conversation with 40 different doctors about what technique should be used."

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