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CROI retroconference 2011:Paper about XMRV

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by Rita, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Rita

    Rita Senior Member

    Paper #: 215
    Title: Development of a GFP-indicator Cell Line for the Detection of XMRV
    Authors and
    Affiliations: KyeongEun Lee*, F Ruscetti, P Lloyd, A Rein, G Fanning-Heidecker, and V KewalRamani
    NCI-Frederick, MD, US
    Paper #: 235
    Title: Determination of Host Range and Cellular Tropism of XMRV
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Krishnakumar Devadas*, MK Haleyur Giri Setty, R Viswanath, O Wood, S Tang, J Zhao, A Dastyar, X Wang, S Lee, and I Hewlett
    Ctr for Business and Economic Res, FDA, Rockville, MD, US
    Paper #: 216
    Title: XMRV Induces a Nonproductive Infection in Human Lymphoid Tissue
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Marta Curriu*1, J Carrillo1, M Massanella1, E Garcia1, B Clotet1, C Carrato2, J Blanco1, and C Cabrera1
    1Fndn irsiCaixa, Badalona, Spain and 2Hosp Univ Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona, Spain
    Paper #: 236
    Title: Lack of the Detection of XMRV or Polytropic MLV-related Sequences in Blood Cells from HIV-1-infected Patients in Spain
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Joanna Luczkowiak*, O Sierra, L Martnez-Prats, S Fiorante, R Rubio, F Pulido, and R Delgado
    Hosp Univ 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain
    Paper #: 217
    Title: Presence of XMRV Sequences in B Cells Are Restricted by APOBEC
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Jorge Carrillo*1, J Blanco1, E Garcia1, J Arreal2, B Clotet1, and C Cabrera1
    1Fndn irsiCaixa, Barcelona, Spain and 2Hosp Univ Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona, Spain
    Paper #: 237
    Title: A Sensitive Real-time PCR Assay for the Detection and Quantification of XMRV
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Laura Li*, M Raines, and T Robins
    Quest Diagnostics Clin Trials, Valencia, CA, US
    Paper #: 218
    Title: Single Copy and Single Genome Sequencing Assays to Detect XMRV in Human Blood Products
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Mary Kearney*1, A Wiegand1, J Spindler1, F Maldarelli1, J Mellors2, J Coffin3, and Blood XMRV Sci Res Working Group
    1HIV Drug Resistance Prgm, NCI-Frederick, MD, US; 2Univ of Pittsburgh, PA, US; and 3Tufts Univ, Boston, MA, US
    Paper #: 238
    Title: No Evidence for XMRV Infection in Transplant Recipients from Germany
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Klaus Korn* and A Knoell
    Univ Hosp Erlangen, Germany
    Paper #: 219
    Title: Discordant XMRV Test Results and Non-reproducible Mouse Endogenous Retroviral Detection in an XMRV Prevalence Study
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Timothy Henrich*1,2, J Li1,2, D Felsenstein2,3, R Plenge1,2, N Lin2,3, D Kuritzkes1,2, and A Tsibris2,3
    1Brigham and Women`s Hosp, Boston, MA, US; 2Harvard Med Sch, Boston, MA, US; and 3Massachusetts Gen Hosp, Boston, US
    Paper #: 239
    Title: Limited Evidence of XMRV Infection in Different Populations in Spain, Including Patients with CFS and PC
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Miguel Arredondo*1, J Hackett2, F de Bethencourt3, A Trevio1, D Escudero4, A Collado5, P Labarga1, P Swanson2, V Soriano1, and C de Mendoza1
    1Hosp Carlos III, Madrid, Spain; 2Abbott Labs, Abbott Park, IL, US; 3Hosp La Paz, Madrid, Spain; 4Hosp Germans Trias i Pujol, Barcelona, Spain; and 5Hosp Clin, Barcelona, Spain
    Paper #: 220
    Title: Serologic and PCR Testing of Persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndeome in the US Shows No Association with XMRV
    Authors and
    Affiliations: William Switzer*1, H Jia1, H Zheng1, S Tang1, R Garcia2, and B Satterfield2
    1CDC, Atlanta, GA, US and 2Cooperative Diagnostics, Greenwood, SC, US
    Paper #: 221
    Title: Extensive Genetic Recombination in the XMRV Genome
    Authors and
    Affiliations: William Switzer*1, W Heneine1, M Prosperi2, and M Salemi2
    1CDC, Atlanta, GA, US and 2Univ of Florida, Gainesville, US
    Paper #: 222
    Title: Disease-associated XMRV Sequences Explained by Laboratory Contamination
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Stphane Hu*1, E Gray1, A Gall2, A Katzourakis3, CP Tan1, C Houldcroft2, J Garson1, O Pybus3, P Kellam2, and G Towers1
    1Univ Coll London, UK; 2Wellcome Trust Sanger Inst, Cambridge, UK; and 3Univ of Oxford, UK
    Paper #: 91LB
    Title: XMRV Probably Originated through Recombination between 2 Endogenous Murine Retroviruses during in vivo Passage of a Human Prostate Cancer Xenograft
    Authors and
    Affiliations: T Paprotka1, K Delviks-Frankenberry1, O Cingoz2, A Martinez3, H-J Kung3, C Tepper3, W-S Hu1, J Coffin2, and Vinay Pathak*1
    1NCI-Frederick, MD, US; 2Tufts Univ Sch of Med, Boston, MA, US; and 3Univ of California, Davis, Sacramento, US
    Paper #: 223
    Title: Identification of a Novel Endogenous Murine Leukemia Virus as an XMRV Ancestor
    Authors and
    Affiliations: Oya Cingoz* and J Coffin
    Tufts Univ Sch of Med, Boston, MA, US
  2. eric_s

    eric_s Senior Member

    Switzerland/Spain (Valencia)
    Where will we hear details about the Spanish presentations, Rita? From the LigaSFC website?

  3. Rita

    Rita Senior Member

    Sorry, I dont know. I am still shocked to read the titles of papers by Spanish investigators.
    Is XMRV among Spanish CFS patients or not?
    IrsiCaixa last year at the Hospital Germans Tries i Pujol XMRV found in 70% of patients in a small study, and now they say there is not XMRV among Spanish patients. and have done a study with other hospitals in Madrid and Barcelona. I dont understand. They have used the same laboratory techniques? I believed they wanted to present a biomarker or something like that.
    We, the spanish CFS patients know that some spanish patients have XMRV,(test in RedLabs .. and Irsi Caixa) but for political and economical reasons is best to disuade that there is not this retrovirus in CFS .
    Hope you have good and sunny wheather in Alicante.
  4. Rita

    Rita Senior Member

    Sorry I can see that this is not the right place for this thread...but in XMRV events...

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