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CROI 2010: CDC Finding A Different Strain of XMRV

Discussion in 'XMRV Research and Replication Studies' started by Mark, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Otis

    Otis Señor Mumbler

    re; Armadillo Feet

    Yeah, I had a friend in college (mid 80s) who's work-study job was to inject the leopracy into the foot pads for study. Not a job to do while otherwise preoccupied!
  2. Adam


    Sheffield UK
  3. fred

    fred The game is afoot

    Wasn't Heneine the CDC lab researcher who refused to follow Elaine deFreitas' protocol in 1991 and wanted out of the replication study altogether? According to Osler's Web, at one point, he was taken off the CFS project because he wasn't taking it seriously enough and thought it was a waste of his time. On another occasion, his boss, Tom Folks, allowed blood samples to be frozen, against Elaine's instructions, so that Heneine could have a two week vacation. Folks is quoted as saying that Heineine's peace of mind was worth more than following Elaine's protocol just because she said it had to be done that way.

    Perhaps leopards can change their spots - but my instinct with the CDC is to view everything they do with extreme caution and even suspicion.
  4. Kelly


    You are correct. Tom Folks is no longer with the CDC, but Dr. Heneine is still with the retrovirus lab. And yes the CDC does have an XMRV page on their site, but if you look closely the link takes you out of the CFS section.
  5. bullybeef

    bullybeef Senior Member

    North West, England, UK
    Thanks Grace,

    I think I have read that, but why hasnt the CDC made a public announcement etc?
  6. parvofighter

    parvofighter Senior Member

    How to Post Pictures

    I think I can help!
    OK, click on "reply" or "start a new thread"
    Then above the gray shaded box where you type, there are a whole bunch of icons.
    Click on the icon to the right of the envelope icon: "Insert Image"
    You have two choices:

    • You can insert an image from your computer, or
    • Insert a photo from the computer (two ways)

    1. We'll do "Insert from computer first"

    • First put your cursor in the gray box where you want the pic to appear.
    • Then click "Select Files". That will take you to your browser.
    • Click through the icons until you get the folders and then pic that you want.
    • Click on the picture's name
    • Then click "Open"
    • Then click "Upload"
    • A thumbnail of the photo will appear where your cursor was.
    • Now you decide how big you want it, and whether centred, left, right etc.
    • Move your cursor over the top left EDGE of the thumbnail.
    • You'll see a "pencil" appear.
    • Click on the pencil.
    • Select the Alignment and Size you want.
    • Click Save.
    • TaDa!
    • Note: For some reason "Original size" tends to be the truest. "Large" sometimes goes right off the page. This one's "Thumbnail"
    Mr XMRV 2..jpg

    2) Uploading from the internet
    OK, let's say you find a nifty photo on the internet and you want to upload it.

    a) Easiest Scenario: photo is the only item on that web page

    • The easiest scenario is if the photo is the ONLY item on that page.
    • Let's say the URL is:
    • All you have to do then is copy the URL or weblink from the top navigation bar.
    • Then put your cursor in the part of the document where you want to insert the photo.
    • Then click on the photo icon to the right of the envelope icon again, above the gray box where you type
    • Click "Insert Image"
    • Click "From URL"
    • Copy and paste the URL into the space provided
    • I usually don't click on the option, "Retrieve remote file and reference locally"
    • Click "Insert image"
    • Presto, a (live) Donkey!
    • Now for some reason this photo doesn't have a "pencil", so if you want to change its size, you have to do it first in your picture manager program, then resave as a smaller/bigger version.. But you can center it or right/left justify it with the icons in your navigation bar above the famous gray square.

    2b) What to do when a cool pic is in a web page with tons of other stuff

    • Let's say you found a nice donkey picture here:
    • But you only want the donkey, not all the other cr@p
    • In this case, right-click on the photo you like, and do a "Copy Image" Click your cursor in the document where you want the photo to go. (Sometimes they have a copy/protect function. In that case, simply do a "select all", then copy, and you can usually work your way around that)
    • Now for some reason I haven't been able to copy/paste images directly into the document.
    • So I have to do a little roundabout manoeuver.
    • I save the image somewhere on my computer. To do this (and anyone have a better way?), I go into Powerpoint. (Word for some reason doesn't work for this).
    • I then paste the image into Powerpoint. Then I do a right-click and "Save as picture"
    • Give the pic a name, and save it somewhere you can find it on your computer. I have a special file for my forum pics.
    • Then insert the photo exactly as you did in the steps of #1, because now you're inserting it from a file.
    • And because you opened it from your computer, you now have that "pencil" at the top left edge of the photo, and for example say that you want it "medium" and right-justified.
    Donkey 1..jpg


    Some trouble-shooting ideas.

    • If everything freezes up on you, (forum memory) just click on "Preview Post", then go back to what you were doing, and the forum memory problem clears.
    • Sometimes "Full size" is smaller than "Medium" (go figure)
    • If thumbnail is too small, and Medium or Full size are too large, you can open and re-size your photo in your Photo Manager program, then re-save as a smaller version, then re-post.
    • If you are using photos from your computer, be sure that you check the photo names before posting them. (Sometimes photos are named with personal information that you don't want to reveal)
    • You are not restricted to donkey or LBD photos (large black dog), altho these earn extra points.:D
  7. Adam


    Sheffield UK
    Thanks Parvo

    I will print this page and give it a go. I kind of know some of the basics. But can't workout as yet wher I am going wrong. I either get a load of text or a box with a cross in it DOH!!

    Actually, I think there might be another reason for me asking for help. There might have been dialogue between my conscious and sub-conscious mind. And the sub-conscious mind said:

    I want to see some more cute donkey pictures and it would be rather sad to google donkey, so if I can get one of my compadres to post on the forum I can see the donkeys without any guilty feelings.

    nice little donkeys
  8. dmarie4301

    dmarie4301 Guest

    Well, this sounds like it will make things more difficult, if there are more strains.....just a thot....could it be then, that Dr. DrFreitas found one of the different strains back in 91?
  9. Otis

    Otis Señor Mumbler

    No, I believe she was finding a deltaretroviruses which is an entirly distint retrovirus family than XMRV which is a gamaretrovirus.
  10. dmarie4301

    dmarie4301 Guest

    Oh well, then how do we know if it's hers and not XMRV is making us sick, if these viruses are making us sick? Hmmm. Complicated stuff.
  11. Lynn

    Lynn Senior Member

    Hi Parvofighter, thanks for the tutorial on putting a picture in a post. I think I can save you a couple of your steps in 2b

    Instead of copying the picture, you can hover over the picture, click the right mouse button, and click on SAVE PICTURE AS..., then type in a file name on your computer. That way you don't have to use Powerpoint unless you wanted to crop the picture.

    I hope that saves you a bit of time.


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