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Crazy idea - double infect yourself to remind your immune system to switch off

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by helperofearth123, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. helperofearth123

    helperofearth123 Senior Member

    I had a crazy idea. I have ME/CFS triggered by a lyme infection. The lyme infection appears to be long gone but my symptoms are not. I had the crazy idea that what if I were to get infected with Lyme disease again, treated with antibiotics after a few days or so, and see if my immune system remembers this time to switch off. It might be the same immune regions that activate fully to fight the infection so activating them fully again might mean they remember to completely switch off, rather than only partially switch off, which is what they (the immune regions) seem to have done.

    Any thoughts on this idea?
  2. nsdn


  3. Martial

    Martial Senior Member

    Ventura, CA
    I wouldn't recommend purposefully giving yourself a lyme infection again. If you still have symptoms maybe try a protocol that doesn't require antibiotics such as the Buhner protocol. If you see improvements or some changes within a few months continue on it. If not maybe then try some other things. He made a recent book called Healing Lyme and Co infection 2nd edition I would highly suggest checking it out.
  4. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Dr John Chia has observed that ME/CFS patients have sometimes been cured after catching respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection or influenza virus infection:
    More info in this post.
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  5. pattismith

    pattismith Senior Member

    I got flu a year ago (juanary), and RSV infection this year (juanary) so I can talk about my own experience, even though I am a long time ill ME/CFS with progressive occurence and Low T3 (and toxic exposure), so obviously I may not be the ideal subject that would fit with Dr Chia observations.

    Anyway, what I learnt is that RSV lower CD8 lymphocytes, so it may be a good thing for people with high CD8.

    For me who has already low limit lymphocytes, it weakened my first line immune system, and I caught an adenovirus a month after my initial RSV infection.
    I observed that on the contrary the adenovirus made my lymphocytes to raise.
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  6. Seven (formerly lnester7)

    Seven (formerly lnester7) Seven

    Is not that simple. I go into remissions with viruses ( flu, zica, colds..).
    But I can tell when virus is gone becuase CFs feeling return. Is pretty amazing to experience to be honest is like a switch.

    But I do not get that with bacterial infections, I predicted one ( strep) when I felt horrible but did not get the Cfs away. I knew it was not a virus. So when I went to the doctor which looked at me like I am crazy or something, and you could see her wonder look when the test came back positive for strep!!! Wow you can really tell apart a virus vs bacteria by your Cfs reaction?!
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