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Comprehensive Stool Analysis - Intestinal Inflammation?

Discussion in 'Gastrointestinal and Urinary' started by PositivelyConvex, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. PositivelyConvex


    Hey everyone. I just got the results from my GPL comp stool analysis. I plan on following up with my doctor, but wanted to run this by the forum as well. Here are the items that appear problematic:

    Bacteriology Culture:
    Commensal (Imbalanced) flora:

    4+ Alpha hemolytic strep
    3+ Gamma hemolytic strep

    Dysbiotic Flora:
    3+ Staphylococcus aureus

    Yeast Culture:
    Normal flora:

    1+ Candida ciferrii
    1+ Candida krusei
    Microscopic Yeast: Rare

    Lactoferrin: 10.1 (<7.3)
    Calprotectin: 63 (<50)
    Lysozyme: 813 (<600)

    SecretoryI gA: 785 (51 - 204)

    Intestinal Health Markers:
    pH: 5.8 (6-7.8)

    From initial research, this seems to point toward IBD? I don't have any gastro-symptoms however. Just a slew of very strange/random food sensitivities, none of which having symptoms that involve my GI tract.

    Obviously, the staph is a problem - could this be the main culprit of the inflammation?

    My symptoms are terrible ADHD, poor memory, chronic brain fog, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome/periodic limb movement disorder, allergic rhinitis.

    Should I trust my GP with this or should I see a specialist?

    Any insight appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    I think it depends on how much your GP knows about gut health and dysbiosis--was it your GP who ordered the test? It could also be a challenge to find the right kind of specialist. A gastroenterologist probably wouldn't be too helpful.
  3. I wouldn't trust a GP or a specialist to tie my shoes at this point. I basically just use doctors to order tests or prescribe medications that I decide I need.

    My understanding is that IBD isn't a cause of anything. It's a label applied to various symptoms, which you apparently don't have. So I wouldn't worry about the label. I'd focus on treating the problems highlighted in your test results.

    There most certainly is a connection between your gut health and your symptoms, and yes the Staph could be causing inflammation and most or all of the rest of your symptoms. Here are some resources I would recommend:

    I don't know much about your particular overgrowth situation, but I'll give you a hypothetical situation that might help you connect some dots.

    The bacteria in your guts are supposed to exist in balance. They eat things and produce other things that your body needs - in very specific amounts. But too much of a good thing can poison you. There is, for example, a class of gut bugs called "sulphate-reducing bacteria" (SRBs). They produce hydrogen sulphide (H2S). In trace amounts, H2S is vital to your health. You would die without it. However, in higher concentrations, H2S is a potent neurotoxin. So if the SRBs grow way out of balance, that could cause brain fog, fatigue, etc.

    Another point to consider: leaky gut. If your guts are damaged (an overgrowth alone can damage your guts, as will eating a Standard American Diet, too much stress, etc) the membrane that separates your guts and your blood will start allowing foreign proteins and other garbage to enter your bloodstream. From there, they can travel to anywhere in your body, causing inflammation and wreaking havoc. Joint pain, headaches, whatever.

    This is just two points to consider in an extremely complex picture. Every system in your body interacts with and is connected to every other system.

    I'd highly recommend checking out Dr. Myhill's site and also watching some Dr. Bergman videos online. Seriously just enter "Dr Bergman" and your symptoms into the search box on youtube, and he's probably got something that would interest you.

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