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citrobacter freundii

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by jen86, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. jen86


    The doctor took stool sample of my mother, came back she has this bacteria, Citrobacter Freundii in her digestive and intestinal tract.
    she has been taking amoxicillin for eight years because she had ear and nose infections alot.
    she has had digestive problems for almost 20 years, at her worse was 15 years ago, but then got little better after she was giving a iron injection cause she was low on iron in her blood.
    digestive problems came back three years ago.
    then got worse this year after chickenpox. yes she was check for shingles. none.
    new symptoms shows up this year:
    can not absorb fluid in her intestines, upper stomach tightness, sore stomach, bloated intestines,
    can not get sodium and potassium levels up, yes had foods for it but does not help.
    hurt all over, yellow burning sticky dry stools,
    skin stings and red acid bumps.
    she has ate healthy but can not eat veggies, they will bloat her stomach and can not breath.
    she tried vitamins and probiotics. they don't help. she drinks plenty of clean water and has
    chemical sensetivities

    doctor took a stool sample last month and showed this bacteria.
    could this be causing all this symptoms and inflamed intestines?
    doctor did not say much about it but said it was very bad.
    she try to take the antibiotic medication he gave her but the medication burned her guts bad, intestines swelled, pieces of food in her stools, tighter stomach,
    is it better for her to get it in a shot so it wont hit her stomach like that?
    i can not ask doctor hes on vacation for three weeks.
  2. Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards "Gibberish"

    Please do not ask for medical advice for your mother on this site, especially as it is not related to ME. It is against our rules to provide such advice. You need to get medical help.

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