The 12th Invest in ME Research Conference June, 2017, Part 2
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Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Fuzzyhead, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Fuzzyhead

    Fuzzyhead Senior Member

    I have had a left middle back ache for 4 months and keep thinking it's my lung. It's there every day and my left shoulder hurts too. I had my bloods done twice and oxygen levels checked and tapped and listened to and all ok. If it was muscular why now am i feeling chesty and bringing loads of green phlegm up every day too. I am trying to be rational but i can't stop worrying it's my lung.
  2. mirshine

    mirshine Senior Member

    Dublin, Ireland
    Can you get a scan or xray done?
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  3. Shoshana

    Shoshana Northern USA

    Northern USA
    Can you go back to doctors, again,

    and tell them your update?

    It is rational to be concerned about your body, when it has a problem,

    and is either , remaining the same , or worse, after 4 months.

    Were you having the poor color phlegm, the last time you were checked?

    Either way, I would go back,
    and tell them you are not getting better.

    You deserve more answers. I understand why it would worry you.
    That makes sense.

    And worry is so very difficult, added to the symptoms.

    Let us know how you are.
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