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CDSA/P vs Metametrix Gi Effects Profile

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by Arise, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Arise


    I am looking to get a stool profile done, but can't decide which precise test to get done. The two main ones seem to be the Comprehensive Digestive stool analysis with parasitology from Genova and the other GI effects GI function profile from Metametrix.

    It seems they both have the same analytes although it doesn't list the exact parasites and microbes on Genova test. As I understand the metametrix test uses PCR for analyzing the parasites and microbes, which is supposed to be more accurate. Also the metametrix has testing for botanical and pharmaceutical sensitivities although I am not sure about the usefulness of these.

    The metametrix test is more expensive at £297 whilst the CDSA test is £177. So is the metametrix test worth the extra £120?

    If I were to get the CDSA test I could use the extra £120 on other tests such as food intolerance. And then of course there is the CDSA 2.0 which has a few extra analytes such as LithoCholic acid and Eosinophil Protein x.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could enlighten me on main differences between the tests.

    Metametrix GI effect GI function profile

    Genova Diagnostics
    CDSA 2.0
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