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CD 3 and CD 45 Values

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by duncan, May 2, 2016.

  1. duncan

    duncan Senior Member

    I just got some infectious disease labs back. First tests in nine months,and coming off some good oral abx.

    Most of these are TBD labs, and I know what they mean. I tested positive still for Bartonella, but I am currently 2T negative for Lyme - I had a positive ELISA, and my C6 was still very high, but only 3 bands IgG this time on my WB. No surprise as I test negative about a 1/3 of the time on my WB over the last 10 years or so.

    Still some oddities, like my Vitamin D still is declining. It is down to 11. My CD57 actually dropped by 40 points. My Lyme ELISA actually rose. And my IgG subclass 1 came in deficient

    Muddled stuff.

    But this is where I am loss, and I just happened to notice, but don't know what the values suggest:

    I had across the board declines in values for my CD3, CD3+/CD57+. CD3-/CD57+, and CD45 antibodies. All those results, each expressed in %'s, dropped.

    I have no idea what this suggests, or even if it might be good or bad.

    Any input would be appreciated as my ID guy doesn't do great with return phone calls.
  2. CFS_for_19_years

    CFS_for_19_years Hoarder of biscuits

    You might try tagging Jonathan Edwards. I've seen him give a good analysis of these types of questions. I wish you luck!
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