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candida and candex

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by suzanne, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. suzanne

    suzanne Senior Member

    I just thought that I would post about my ogoing problem with itchy skin and my recent use of candex. perhaps others have had some experience?

    For years ( about 20) I have had problems with candida, but last year I as on 3 antibiotics for 6 months nadd it was about this time my itchy skin started and i cannot seem to get rid of the problem. i was on nystatin - 9 tablets a day for 4 months and then diflucan for 3 weeks. All that did make me itchy and get very bad headaches, but my itch never went away completely and now 6 months down the track without any treatment, my itchy skin is worse than ever. My dr has tested my poo samles ( sorry!) and there is a candida called candida glabrata. She tells me that this is fairly resistant to treatment ( typical) and the best wasy to treat this is with candex.

    Well, I have taken 1 candex tablet ( proer dose is 2 tabs am and 2 tabs pm) and the impact ws that the itching was immediately at an insane level- could not sleep. The next 2 days I reduced the dose to 1/2 tablet- I got bad nausea and itching after the 3 days continuos dosing, so I stopped for few days. However, i did notice that it improveed the coating on my tongue and it looked clearer than it has forever.

    So last night ( after I had had a migraine and my tongue was gettiing coated looking again) I decided t brave it and take half a candex at night time- same thing intense itching and pretty bad fatigue and headpain. i know this is probably die off- but on such a low dose- perhaps my body load is relly out of control- which perhaps makes sense as i know I have immune deficiency.

    I am thinking that I will try to split the dose into 1/4 tablet am and 1/4 pm and see what happens- alternately I culd start out on just 1/4 tabet a day and gradually build from there as I can tolerate.

    has anyone gone thgou this experience and used this supplement- any thoughts?

    Many thanks, Suzanne
  2. harrycat


    Hi Suzanne. Sorry I can't be much help to you in terms of the candex, I have never tried it. It would be great if you could update the thread with your progress though.
    Are you on any methylation protocol? My Tongue coating has improved since starting in June this year and soreness down below has improved. A dandruff type skin condition on my face is tons better. My gp has never found candida on swab tests they have done despite having clear symptoms. This is bizarre to me.... Anyhow I've decided the next step is to get the diagnostechs expanded GI panel and see what's going on. The candex sounds like an interesting option to explore if yeast is still a problem.

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