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Can I improve my T-levels?

Discussion in 'Hormones' started by venubwal, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. venubwal


    I am feeling pretty Lazy and fatigue; and decreased New Memories and learning capabilities.
    I am at 33 age; starting 20's I started declining Learning Capabilities;
    I have been getting quick Numbness in Legs and Hands on 10mins of lied down/ sitting.

    I used used SSRI types and multi-vitamins before on Doctors prescribed. where I didnt faced any improvement and got side affects s decreased LIBIDO, Sex drive too. Hence, stopped them soon.

    Recenty, since 10 days I am using arcalion (B1) where I am feeling good, active, focused and alerted.
    So, lacking B1 is main causes of my declining state?
    Why I am lacking B1 where I consume non-veg more?

    Does the root cause is something else?

    How I can get again my Libido as before?

    Can I boose my Testosterone level? (I see reduced number in my last blood report?)

    Can everyhting be boostable by ARCALIONE itslef? How long I should use it?

    Please SUGGEST ME !
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  2. PeterPositive

    PeterPositive Senior Member

    It's difficult to say. Nootropics such as arcalion can help your energy and well being but if you're heavily deficient in B1 it is possible that there are other problems with the rest of the B complex.

    Is this the first time you're experimenting with B vitamins? Have you tried a B complex before? If so did it help?

    Many B vitamins can help boosting libido (B3, B6, B12). Zinc can also help with testosterone and sex drive.

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  3. venubwal


    Thanks Pete,
    I haven't done B12 level yet; will do along with D3 blood test.
    Yes, I had consumed A-Z Vitamins sometimes back; was felt energetic but didn't remember the other gains(diff) at that movement.

    I am sure that my LIBIDO decreased after SSRI type which was wrongly diagnosed without filtering Physical issues by Doctor. That is stupid things by any Psychiatric?
    They are seeking thier business only? Not helping in deapth
    Now I am sure that reduced (mood/Libido/ learning abilities and Fatigue) are due to Vitamins (B1,12 /D3)deficiency and it may be causes Alcohol which I was consumed more for some period.

    After that only one by one, issues are coming.
    If heavy Alcohol disturbed me n my abilities; Could it be recovered by each angle? n How?
    Now, one hint is I become Alcohol-Sensitive. bit more Alcohol is making me in Hang-over!!!!
    Please help from this(Alcohol) perspective?
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