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Cambridge (uk) Mai 16- Kongres

Discussion in 'Upcoming ME/CFS Events' started by student, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. student

    student Senior Member

    NON CFS specifique- "but mitochondrial" Kongress - notes at web

    Progr [ http://conf.hinxton.wellcome.ac.uk/advancedcourses/MitoConf2016DraftProgV14.pdf ]
    "Treat mitochondrial Deasease" (Hixton), Cambridge (UK). 04.05.2016

    Speaker: H Prokisch Technische Uni München DE, Rugarli Cologne DE, L Scorrano Padova, Italy. Tiranti Neurological Institute (Besta), Italy, S Koene Radboud Netherlands, C Moraes (Miller School) Miami, Turnbull & M Herbert Newcastle,, M Murphy & Whitworth M Minczuk (Mito Bio) Cambr UK.

    Committee (a to z): P Chinnery Cambridge, M Falk (Children’s hos) Philadelphia, Mootha Harvard Medical, Smeitink Radboud Netherlands, Suomalainen Helsinki, Zeviani (Mitochondrial Biology) Cambridge.
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