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Boom crash with studying my degree?

Discussion in 'Post-Exertional Malaise, Fatigue, and Crashes' started by Lucy1996, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Lucy1996


    From july 2015-January 2017 I was in a constant crash tingling fatigue extreme brain fog swollen glands sore throat and insomnia (diagnosed post viral fatigue / after glandular fever and shingles) .

    Some how miraculously that his lifted to an extent. But I can't seem to pace properly. I feel the key thing which makes me crash is mental stimulation and studying (although if I do too much walking that makes me crash too). I'm studying my degree and if I do more than a few hours a day the next day I'm absolutely exhausted and body feels dead/tingly and my head is just gone with a more sore throat.

    I don't know what to do about this... any students got any solutions? My threshold seems so low :(

    Even being out for dinner late makes me crash :(

    Also is it worth changing my diet? I eat very healthily with lots of fruit and vegetables but I still eat gluten dairy and sugar.
    Thanks x
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  2. DoggerFisher

    DoggerFisher Senior Member

    hello @Lucy1996 I'm not a student, but I do work for a university! in my experience you need to measure how much you are doing and then do a bit less until you find the point that doesn't make you crash. it is VERY tedious but possibly the only thing that is going to help. another ingredient is to make sure you take frequent breaks, proper ones, like lying down flat not doing anything, in the midst of your studies (try the Insight Timer app, it's free!)

    Get a timer on your computer and just try working for a short time, taking a proper break, and then going back. If you don't do enough regular "nothing", you end up doing it all at once!

    P.S. Sugar is a false friend.... i love the way it fires up my brain cells but find it easier to pace myself in its absence.
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  3. Vickytoria1988


    Hello my dear!I know how it feels like...when finishing my degree I experienced a similar situation. I stayed 4 months home without going out in order to pass a (hard) law exam...What you need is absolute concentration, a lot of determination and maybe a friend that could help you by summarizing orally your course...This is what I did...in the hardest times I had a good friend that explained everything orally to me every week because studying too many hours was impossible. Maybe a parent can read for you so that you do not struggle too much? You could also summarize in notes what you have studied, so that you will not have to read everything again and again.Try to do the absolutely essential...

    Please remember that your health goes first, in the end of the day its you that counts and not exams. Do not push your self too much.

    I do not know if homeopathy could help in your case, why dont you check that? It has done miracles with my fatigue and crisis of faringitis in the past - (I have passed glandular fever when I was a teenager too).
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